The heart and soul of Amazon’s Operations are the employees and business partners who work year round to deliver smiles to our customers. As we enter the holiday season, we wanted to share a sneak peek into our world and introduce some of the incredible individuals who contribute to delivering upon Amazon’s customer promise every day of the year.

Hear stories from people including three generations of the same family, all at different stages of their lives, but who have found common ground working our last mile network. Meet a former teacher turned Delivery Service Partner who hired many of his students. And, learn how a military veteran who spent 27 years in the U.S. Army has transitioned to civilian life with Amazon and more.

Jill Goodnight

Three individuals working together in an Amazon delivery station.

In her own words: "We have three generations of my family working together at the same delivery station. I love that the all-inclusive hiring policy gives people at different stages in their lives a job opportunity. At 62, I’d been retired for about eight months but was getting restless. I needed something with flexible hours, so I’d still have time to spend with my grandkids, and wanted to be active where I could spend time around young people. I spent my career at a desk job working in administration and office management, so wanted to be on my feet this time around. It’s hard work but I really enjoy it. I see the younger people around me, and I hope I’m an inspiration to try new things at different stages of your life. My daughter, Kari, also works at the station as a Shift Assistant. She actually started with Amazon before I did and joined several months ago after taking 10 years off to be a stay-at-home mom. She’s doing really well and has already been promoted twice in six months. Unlike me, she’d done delivery work before but said the other companies didn’t treat their employees as well as they do here. Then, a few weeks ago, her son, Logan, also got a part-time job here to build work experience as he prepares to go to college. Actually, Amazon is my grandson’s first job! It’s really remarkable that the three of us come from the same family, are at completely different stages and want different things out of work, but can all work at the same place. Where else do you find a company where you can do that?"

Jill, Kari, and Logan work at a delivery station in Sacramento, CA

Theo Devine

Associates and delivery service providers and their teams, who deliver smiles to customers.

“I’ve had an entrepreneurial spirit most of my life. I was an educator and administrator with the Baltimore City Schools for many years. One of my proudest achievements while I was in the school system was starting “integrity centers” for students who needed extra attention. We’d mentor students, listen to them and teach them appropriate behaviors, like doing the right thing when no one’s looking. It was incredibly successful and helped cut suspensions and increase attendance. I love running big operations like that and was proud of what we accomplished to help those kids. Earlier this year, I heard about the Delivery Service Partner opportunity to start my own small business delivering packages for Amazon and it was exactly what I was looking for next. It fit my skillset perfectly and gave me an opportunity to hire many of my old students. When I launched my business in May 2019, I named it Integrity Delivered after those centers I started at the schools and the job opportunities I could create for the Baltimore City youth. My son who’s studying business also works with me. I want more young people in the community to see that future for themselves too and consider entrepreneurship as a path.”

Theo is a Delivery Service Partner and owner of Integrity Delivered in Baltimore

Delilah Anderson

Associates and delivery service providers and their teams, who deliver smiles to customers.

“I’ve always been drawn to organizations that focus on service. I served 27 years in the U.S. Army and knew that I wanted to continue serving after I left. Seeing Amazon’s response after Hurricane Maria in sending supplies to Puerto Rico and providing relief aid, I wanted to get involved with this organization because of their commitment to giving back to the community. So I applied at a job fair and use my transportation logistics background from the military to work with their operations team. Now that I’ve been with the organization for almost a year, I’ve been really impressed by how they truly take the serving leadership concept to the next level. They’re all about the associates and prioritizing the associate experience, which is rare to see such genuine care about the employees in my experience. We’re implementing associate ideas all the time, so I tell everyone to take advantage of this and share their creative thoughts. The environment pushes us all to work hard and grow and leadership take serving its employees very seriously.”

Delilah is a Military Pathways Operations Manager in a Tampa fulfillment center

Quanique Toston

Amazon Delivery Service Partner Quanique Toston stands in front of an Amazon delivery van.

“Some people don’t expect to see a woman running a logistics company, but I’ve never been afraid of being a female leader in a male-dominated industry. I spent nine years in the military, as a logistics and supply specialist in the U.S. Army, where I learned the ins and outs of the industry but also how to be a good leader. When I left the Army, I knew I wanted to carry that passion for leadership and mentorship into my next role and I especially wanted to encourage other women to step up leaders and find success a work too. When I saw an ad for the Delivery Service Partner program to start my own company delivering packages and coaching employees, I knew this was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up. I love bringing an empowering culture to my company and I'm proud to be a female entrepreneur. I have a daughter who looks to me as a role model for everything that she can do and be in this world. It's important for young girls to see other women succeed, especially on their own. I always remind her that if a man can do it, a woman can do it too. I actually named my company LQ Logistics for London and Quanique. We joke that she’s my coworker but really she’s more like my boss! I just hope I’m inspiring her.”

Quanique is a Delivery Service Partner and owner of LQ Logistics in Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas

Tonisha Williams

Amazon associate Tonisha Williams writes on a chalk board at an Amazon fulfillment center.

“I worked in finance operations for 15 years, working my way up from Shift Manager to Floor Director where I was responsible for making sure all the operations on the trading floor were running smoothly. When I was laid off, Amazon presented the opportunity I needed to get back on my feet. Now, my job is all about lifting others up and encouraging them to succeed. As a Senior Learning Coordinator, I get to help train and retrain new and experienced associates, and one thing that I tell them is to stay hungry for knowledge and opportunity. That’s what I did, and look where I am. I worked in one industry for most of my career before I was laid off, and if it wasn’t for my appetite for learning, my life today might be different. I’ve spent the last four years seeking out new opportunities within Amazon, and I’ve been blessed to have been able to rise up and achieve new levels of success. I hope to help others do the same in life and at Amazon.”

Tonisha is a Seasonal Learning Coordinator at a delivery station in Chicago

Albert “Vinny” Roman Jr.

Associates and delivery service providers and their teams, who deliver smiles to customers.

“My entire life, I’ve felt called to serve. The 16 years I spent with the Marines were some of the most challenging and most rewarding years of my life. The discipline and sense of duty I saw in my fellow Marines was inspiring to be around and incredibly motivating. Since becoming a civilian, I’ve continued to find work opportunities that allowed me to give back and serve. I grew the Toys for Tots program in New York to one of the largest in the nation and worked with FEMA and the American Red Cross to provide hurricane relief in Florida and Puerto Rico. I loved helping these organizations make a positive difference and soon felt the call to serve again, but this time working for myself. Since starting my own company this summer as an Amazon Delivery Service Partner, I’ve been able to create jobs for 65 people and together we’re creating a culture that makes us all proud to come to work every day. I’ll probably always work with other organizations to help provide community support and support their positive missions – especially during the holiday season – but it’s a completely different feeling to execute my own mission and vision. I’m so excited to continue growing and seeing how much good we can do in the process.”

“Vinny" is a Delivery Service Partner and owner of Roman Empire Logistics in New York City

Jason Harrold

Associates and delivery service providers and their teams, who deliver smiles to customers.

"Earlier this year, I left a job at a nursing home to become a Sort Associate at one of Amazon’s delivery stations in Memphis. I love the fast pace of this job and the opportunities it’s given me on and off the job. At work, I’m able to get new leadership opportunities, like my role on the Safety Committee. I’ve also been able to pick up shifts to help me save money for my first home and my upcoming wedding, while still having a flexible schedule to work around school and family time.”

Jason Harrold is a Sortation Associate at a delivery station in Memphis