At Amazon, we have an overarching culture of putting safety above all other priorities. We ensure associate safety through open dialogue and a two-way feedback system, operational meetings, new-hire orientation, on-the-spot training, and new process development that begins with safety and has safety metrics and audits integrated within each program.

Leaders in our facilities apply high standards of safety performance each day and proactively work with associates to reduce physical risk via coaching, ergonomic training, and through the design of processes, equipment, and work areas.

Amazon’s dedication to innovating on behalf of customers is the same philosophy we have for associates in our buildings. We use innovation and technology to support our teams and make their workplaces safer. We seek input through multiple channels to understand what associates might need and what changes could improve their experiences.

An example of the two-way feedback we employ across the network is our Safety Leadership Index, through which we collect direct feedback from associates—full-time, part time, seasonal, and temporary—to better understand areas for improvement. Using data collected from employees on a near daily basis, we improve our safety practices and enhance the working environments of our facilities in matters both large and small. We are proud of our safety record and the thousands of Amazonians and safety professionals working hard every day to make it even better.

Safety is top of mind during every single shift, as evidenced by the following practices: each meeting starts with a safety tip; associates are encouraged to voice any safety concerns through our Safety Saves program; employees in our facilities wear highly visible, reflective vests in dedicated areas; onsite AmCare employees are CPR certified and medically trained; and leadership teams—consisting of managers and hourly employees, alike—take daily tours to evaluate safety measures. Training is a constant experience inside our buildings, especially when new technologies are introduced. Safety training is the first order of business.

We encourage anyone to come see our dedication to safety for themselves by taking a tour at one of our fulfillment centers.