Over the past several weeks, we have been working with hospitals, schools, and community organizations around the globe to provide $5 million in Amazon Devices to help those impacted by COVID-19. Doctors and nurses are using Alexa and Echo to communicate more easily and safely with patients. Teachers and schools are using our tablets and Kindle devices to help students continue learning while schools are closed. Community organizations are using our devices to provide entertainment and the ability to connect with loved ones to those in isolation.
We’re inspired by these organizations and how they worked so quickly to solve new challenges they are facing amid the pandemic. Here are some of the ways they are using our devices for good:
A person received a Kindle device from Amazon.
Saint Barnabas Medical Center, University Hospital Newark, and Clara Maass Medical Center are providing patients with Fire 7 tablets so they can communicate with loved ones while in isolation. In their words: "I cannot thank you enough—acts of generosity by Amazon restore our faith in humanity every day. Your donations will allow countless children, parents, siblings, friends, and loved ones to comfort and unfortunately in most cases say goodbye to patients who are otherwise isolated. You have indelibly affected and will continue to affect the lives of so many patients, staff, and families. I’m proud to be an Amazon customer and will forever be grateful for your contribution in helping our communities."
ReadyCT, Notre Dame High School, and West Haven Public Schools are working together to give Fire 7 tablets to Bailey Middle School students so they can continue their studies while schools in Connecticut are closed. In their words: "I'm so proud of Amazon. This is fantastic and it shows what can be done when people are willing to cooperate and look out for each other. Amazing!"
A person received a Kindle device from Amazon.
The Child & Family Network Centers, an organization providing preschool and wraparound services to children and families in Alexandria, Virginia is giving Fire HD 8 Kids Edition tablets to students in their community so they can continue learning. In their words: "It was such an honor to work with you all, and I can’t wait to share more stories about the impact this is having for our families. Thank you!"
Hephata Diakonie, an organization in Germany which helps people with special needs, is distributing Fire 7 tablets to residents in elderly facilities so they can stay informed and connected to friends and family. In their words: “Social distancing is difficult to bear, especially for people with disabilities, but also for children in our youth welfare living groups and for senior citizens in need of care in our elderly care facilities. The tablets provided by Amazon make an important contribution to turning social distancing into physical distancing. Now we are able to provide people with a chance to at least stay in touch with their relatives digitally.”
Teach First, a UK charity that ensures children from particularly disadvantaged backgrounds get a fair education, is providing Fire HD 8 tablets to students so they can keep up to date with their school work and stay in touch with their teachers. In their words: "Thank you to Amazon for your meaningful and significant commitment to supporting our partner schools across the country. Many of the children in our schools do not have access to devices like tablets or laptops so will be struggling to keep up with their schoolwork and stay in touch with their teachers during COVID-19. Your gift will provide children with a vital connection to a range of online educational resources meaning they won’t be left behind."
The United Way of Central Georgia is giving Fire HD 8 tablets to help students who need devices continue distance learning while schools are closed. In their words: "Thank you so much. This is truly going to change the lives of so many kids."
To these heroes, we say thank you—for saving lives, for teaching our children, for showing up for your communities, and so much more. We are humbled by your work and are proud to do our small part to support you and our shared communities during this time.