At eero, we’re focused on constantly innovating to deliver increased coverage, faster speeds, and even more reliable connectivity, to make sure your devices stay connected and online. That’s why customers trust eero as the heart of their connected home each and every day. Today, we’re excited to announce that we’re bringing eero Built-in to the latest generation of Echo Dots to increase the coverage and range of your eero network, as well as introducing a new feature, eero Internet Backup, to help make your eero network even more reliable.

Expanding your wifi coverage with eero Built-In

As the number of connected devices in customers’ homes continues to grow, we keep looking for new ways to make our homes smarter and more reliable. Last year, we launched eero Built-in with Ring Alarm Pro; this year, we’re bringing eero to Echo. With eero Built-in, we’ve added eero mesh wifi technology, including our patented TrueMesh, directly into the latest generation of Echo Dot and Echo Dot with Clock, making them the first Amazon Echo devices to serve as mesh wifi extenders. eero Built-in enabled Echo devices can add up to 1,000 square feet of coverage to your existing eero network and support speeds up to 100 Mbps—so you can easily stream in 4K or take an HD video call at home with fewer dead zones and drop-offs. We’re bringing eero Built-in to the all-new Echo Dot and Echo Dot with Clock (5th generation), as well as the 4th gen Echo on October 20. In the coming months, we’ll also bring eero Built-in to the 4th gen Echo Dot and Echo Dot with Clock through an over-the-air update.

When your compatible Echo device is added to an eero network and your Amazon account in the eero app is linked, you can enable eero Built-in. If your account is already linked, eero will automatically detect compatible Echo devices on your network and use them to extend your wifi. You can also manage which Echo devices you would like to enable as wifi extenders on your network from within the eero app.

Keeping your devices online with eero Internet Backup

An image of two hands holding a phone that shows eero Internet Backup settings.

Internet outages are frustrating when they happen, and are even more disruptive as we continue to work, learn, watch, and play games from home. That’s why we’re introducing eero Internet Backup, which lets you wirelessly connect your eero network to a backup internet source, like a mobile phone hotspot. You can choose up to eight mobile hotspots or nearby wifi networks as a backup for your home network. Should your internet go down, it’s easy to temporarily switch your eero network over to your backup connection—so your connected devices stay online. Keep enjoying HD video streaming, video conferencing, music streaming, or online gaming with a capable hotspot during an internet outage. And when the outage is over, eero Internet Backup will automatically switch your eero network back to your original connection.

Learn more about eero Internet Backup.

eero Internet Backup will be available in the coming months to all eero Plus subscribers and select ISP customers. With eero Plus, we’re simplifying our subscriptions for our retail customers and moving to only offering eero Plus, formerly known as eero Secure+. eero Plus includes all the same features our customers know and love from eero Secure+, like advanced parental controls, network insights, and Dynamic Domain Name System (DDNS), as well as access to three top-rated security apps: Malwarebytes, 1Password, and It also adds the benefits of eero Internet Backup, to deliver a comprehensive wifi solution. Learn more about the rebrand to eero Plus.

At eero, we’re here to make the technology in our homes just work, and that means continuing to deliver fast and reliable connectivity. We’re excited about bringing eero Built-in and eero Internet Backup to our customers. To learn more about eero, visit