In creating Echo Frames, we had a vision at Amazon to invent a product that would empower customers to stay connected with the world and provide access to communication, information, and entertainment no matter where they are. We wanted to build a technology that could disappear into the background and help our customers engage with people, content, and services, without distracting them from the moment. So we asked ourselves: how do we build a device for all-day wear that works well both at home and on-the-go and lets customers stay present?
Answering that question, that challenge, is what inspired Echo Frames—smart glasses that look and feel like everyday eyewear—and the custom-designed open-ear audio technology that powers them. Nestled in the temples, open-ear audio directs sound toward your ears, so you can ask Alexa to make a phone call, listen to music, control your smart home, hear notifications, and more—all while keeping your ears uncovered. It’s the best of both worlds—personal audio with the magic of Alexa when you want it, while still being able to tune in to the world around you.
During development, we remained excited about the potential of Echo Frames, and we wanted to hear what our customers thought about prescription-ready eyewear with open-ear audio and hands-free access to Alexa. So, last year we announced Echo Frames. Alongside Echo Loop, our smart ring, these became the first products in Day 1 Editions, a program designed to introduce products we love and want customer feedback on. Day 1 Editions helped us capture invaluable feedback that not only affirmed we were on to something with Echo Frames, but also inspired us to imagine all the ways Echo Frames could help customers.
For example, Christina Johnson, a medical professional from Virginia used her Echo Frames to stay connected while screening COVID-19 patients in full personal protective equipment. We also heard from parents about how Echo Frames helped them juggle working from home and parenting at the same time.
“This feels like the future. I haven’t carried ear buds or headphones since I got these. I use them now for conference calls while I work from home and during the school day while I make my 4th grade son his lunch during virtual learning. The balance between what I hear on my Echo Frames while still interacting with the audio of the world around me is fantastic. That single benefit of being a dad and hearing my son at the same time is priceless.”Denny P.
“Echo Frames are a godsend for both my privacy and productivity. I can hear my reminders, email and text notifications, and schedule updates, all without having to constantly look at my phone, plus my notifications are announced discreetly.”Francine S.
We also received feedback from customers with disabilities, who shared how Echo Frames have improved their quality of life.
“As a customer with serious health issues, I use Echo devices all throughout my home. Now I can take that same experience any place I want to go. Just another layer of security in case I need to reach out to emergency services or my friends.”—Kristina B.
“With a disability that I have, holding a phone up to my head is not optional for long periods of time, but now I can talk to family and friends effortlessly. I can also make commands at night when my wife is asleep, and I can only hear the feedback in my frames. She appreciates this.” —Tim
An image of a woman tending to plants while wearing her Echo Frames glasses.

An update on Day 1 Editions

Like all teams at Amazon, we obsess over our customers and when we get feedback like this, we double down. Today, we’re excited to announce Echo Frames are advancing from Day 1 Editions and are now available to all customers with no invite required. With Echo Frames generally available, we have also decided that Echo Loop will not advance beyond the Day 1 Editions program, with production and sales ending. We learned a lot about how customers want to use Alexa for short, snackable content throughout the day, and we will take that with us as we continue to invent new customer experiences. Customers who purchased Echo Loop will continue to receive updates and support, and can use their devices as they do today.

Echo Frames, now even better

The all-new Echo Frames have improved audio quality, longer battery life, new colors, and features that make it easier than ever to interact with Alexa throughout your day. The updated Echo Frames improve upon our open ear audio technology, offering richer and fuller sound compared to the previous version, so your music and Alexa’s voice are even clearer. The volume can now be set to automatically adjust at the start of playback based on the noise level of your environment and your selected listening profile—increasing the volume in noisier environments and lowering the volume in quieter environments. Echo Frames still include VIP Filter—a feature that allows you to choose the apps and contacts you want to hear from, while filtering out the rest. We’ve added support for calendars and group messaging, further enabling you to keep your phone in your pocket without worrying about missing an important update. As before, Echo Frames can also be used with native smartphone assistants on iOS and Android with a simple long press of the temple. And it’s now even simpler to fulfill your lens prescription by visiting any LensCrafters location.
Customers told us they wanted a choice of colors, so Echo Frames will come in three color options: Modern Tortoise, Horizon Blue, and Classic Black. They are lightweight, splash resistant, and great for daily use with eyewear grade TR-90, carbon fiber, and titanium. Based on feedback, we improved the battery life—now up to 40% longer for continuous playback than the previous generation at 60% volume. And to help maximize battery life, we are introducing a new feature that turns off your frames when they’re placed upside down for three seconds.
An image featuring three pairs of Amazon's new Echo Frames glasses. The first pair is tortoise shell and black, the second is all black, and the third is blue and black.
As with all Echo devices, Echo Frames are designed and built with privacy at the foundation. The microphones are made to respond to the voice of the person wearing the frames and can easily be turned off with a quick double-press of the action button. When the microphones are off, the light indicator will turn red.
Echo Frames come with non-corrective lenses and are compatible with most prescription lenses. Prescription lenses can be fulfilled by any LensCrafters location or your preferred eyewear professional. Find optician instructions here. Echo Frames may be eligible for out-of-network insurance reimbursement with providers such as VSP Vision Care, EyeMed, and Cigna. Check with your insurance provider for more details.
Starting today, Echo Frames are available for $249.99, and will begin shipping on December 10—just in time for the holidays. In appreciation of those who purchased Echo Frames as part of Day 1 Editions, we’re offering existing Echo Frames customers the upgraded Echo Frames for just $70. Learn more about Echo Frames.