At Amazon, we pride ourselves on our peculiarities – and this of course extends to our pets. We are known for having pooch-friendly offices at our Seattle Headquarters, but today, on ‘Love Your Pet Day,’ we wanted to extend the love to our feathered, scaled, hoofed, and shelled friends. Meet just a small selection of the peculiar pets Amazonians call family, in celebration of today.

Thank you to everyone who submitted pictures of your pet!

Names: Teeny & Snow

Breeds: Bearded Dragon & Unknown

Ages: 1 & 5 months

“Teeny loves to each cockroaches. She likes to eat mealy worms too but cockroaches are her ultimate favorite food! Teeny has a new five month old sibling cat named Snow who is admiring her in the background.” – Bernadette Sablan, Tax Calculation, Indirect Tax
Names: Bacon & Toast

Breeds: Bernese Mountain Dog & Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Ages: 10 weeks & 1

“Bacon is a ball of fur, a stuffed animal, and everyone loves Bacon. Toast is a fantastic retriever, a free spirit, and loves adventure.” – Stella Peng, Software Development Engineer
Name: Basil

Breed: Red-Footed Tortoise

Age: 15

“Basil’s favorite food is pumpkin and strawberries, or cat food when we forget to hide it from him. He loves to chase the cats around and find the smallest possible place to hide” – Kim L., Customer Experience, Gift Card Operations
Name: Wink

Breed: Unknown

Age: 5

“This is Wink - he has only one eye and he’s a total weirdo. He's obsessed with the sink, the ice maker, backpacks, and hair ties. Every few months, he seems to add something new to his list of fixations. It definitely keeps life interesting!” – Katie Doran, Senior Technical Program Manager, Cloud Drive
Name: Oink

Breed: Cattle Dog/Staffordshire Terrier/Chihuahua/More

Age: 1.5

“Oink is special because he’s both blind and deaf. Somehow he survived on the streets of southern California before ending up in a shelter for three months before we rescued him. He loves tacos, so much so that we think he lived under a taco truck and got handouts. Training is tough. The only way to do it is through touch commands. There are things he’ll never learn – for instance he can’t come when he’s called, but we can get him to follow us by petting his head a particular way. We took him to the Pacific Coast and he loved running off leash on the beach.” – Jonathan Dughi, Software Development Manager, Amazon Smile & Jaime Dughi, Project Manager Technical, Softlines Innovation
Name: Nugget

Breed: Cockatiel

Age: 9

“Nugget loves to snuggle on the couch and watch us play games. She’s particularly fond of Pokemon.” – Steph Sigalas, Business Intelligence Engineer, Supply Chain Optimization Technology
Names: Merlin and Chicks

Breeds: Australian Shepherd Mix & Various

Ages: 4 and 4 weeks

“I rescued Merlin when he was two from a local rescue that got him from San Diego where kill shelters are big. He loves peanut butter but hates salmon. The eight chicks are from a Monroe co-op and are seven different breeds. They are getting big enough to escape the brooder, and when they do Merlin tries to herd them back. While never around chickens before, six months ago when I got three adult chickens, he took right to them, and would help me herd them back to the coop. I’ve been very lucky with him, that he never tried to eat the chickens!” – Michelle D.
Name: Silke

Breed: Leopard Lizard

Age: 13

“Silke is an awesome companion animal, rising up on her legs and acting tough in the face of first one, then two, then a third cat joining the family over the past 13 years. Her favorite food is mealworms, and her favorite hobby is hanging out on the back of my neck, under my hair.” – Cindy Marzolf, Content Strategist, Amazon Business
Name: Meega

Breed: Guinea Pig

Age: 7

“She’s had four tumors, an enlarged heart and a bladder stone that had to be removed, yet she’s still here and doing well! Also she was stuck under a fridge at one point but rescued successfully!” – Marty Krimmel, Catalog Specialist, Digital Music
Name: Wallstreet Gangster (aka Wally)

Breed: Thoroughbred

Age: 21

“Wally is a retired race horse and has a tattoo on the inside of his upper lip from his time on the track. His favorite food is carrots. He doesn’t like apples but will occasionally eat high-quality ones to be polite. Wally’s favorite activities are grazing, rolling in the mud, and searching human pockets for carrots.” – Anna Knowles, Software Development Engineer, Chaos Engineering, Platform Excellence Team
Name: Pishi

Breed: Short-Hair Domestic Cat

Age: 8

“Pishi means cat in Farsi, so his name is ‘cat’. He acts like a dog, in that he’ll come to strangers and socialize with them. He covers his eyes to block out noise” – Amir Mehrabian, Technical Program Manager
Names: Pudge & Compton

Breeds: Sharpei Mix & Husky/Corgi Mix

Ages: 4 & 6

“Pudge and her officemate, Compton, were adopted from the same rescue group…in Georgia! They traveled 3,000 miles to end up as co-workers and friends!” – Lindsay Miller, Senior Marketing Manager, Amazon Business & Lydia Kye, Marketing Manager, Amazon Business
Name: Rainier

Breed: Siamese Mix

Age: 10

“Rainier loves catnip imported from Alaska’s Matanuska Valley where her “pet parents” are from and romps around the living room, perpetually friendly and kitten-like. We like to ask her controversial questions and treat her MEOW's back as a Magic 8 ball of sorts.” – Victoria Bledsoe, Marketing Manager, Pet Supplies