Fulfillment in our buildings
More than 250,000 full-time associates innovate every day across Amazon’s network. Fulfillment facilities run multiple shifts per day, and employees perform a number of roles—from leading teams to boxing up orders and shipping directly to our customers.
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Our fulfillment centers
Across the globe, Amazon has more than 175 operating fulfillment centers and more than 150 million square feet of space where associates pick, pack, and ship millions of Amazon.com customer orders to the tune of millions of items per year. Specifically, in North America we currently have more than 110 operational facilities with a variety of employment opportunities.

How your package gets from Amazon's warehouse to your front door

From cargo trucks to planes, a look at how Amazon is planning the future of delivery.

Why Amazon warehouses are called fulfillment centers

What's in a name? Learn answers to common questions about these unique facilities.
Tour an Amazon fulfillment center

See the magic that happens after you click ‘buy’ on Amazon.com by touring one of our fulfillment centers and seeing first-hand how we deliver for our customers. Search for a location and book for yourself or for groups of up to ten people (over 6 years of age, please). Let's start with your email address so we can contact you about your reservation.

Have a question? Please email us at tours@amazon.com.


Find a tour near you
First, search for or select a fulfillment center location near you, or near somewhere you plan to travel. Then let us know how many people you'd like in your group. We'll find the upcoming dates and times available for your group size.
Protecting the safety and well-being of each of our employees is paramount at Amazon. We believe in continuous improvement and are always innovating to enhance safety measures. Each of our fulfillment centers employs dedicated health and safety professionals, and millions of safety checks are completed across the network each year.
Amazon recognizes the shifting industry and understands that in today’s world, it is not enough to focus solely on hiring efforts. We believe it is also our responsibility as a global corporation to upskill and train associates with the living skills needed to move into more rewarding roles that offer higher pay.
The people who work here
Let’s face it, our fulfillment centers would be nothing without the people who work hard every day to ensure they’re running safely and efficiently.
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