Amazon's presence in India has been a game-changer for many customers, and there's more to come. We're documenting events and activities as Jeff visits small businesses and sites around India. We'll be updating this post with photos and social media posts from the trip.
Dynamism. Energy. Democracy. #IndianCentury
Jeff Bezos shakes the hand of a woman artisan and small business owner. At the Amazon Small Business Summit in India, Jeff Bezos visits a seller from the Amazon Saheli storefront, which empowers women artisans across India, and learns about the scarves and other textiles she sells.
Jeff Bezos sits on stage with Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan and director Zoya Akhtar during Prime Video in India update and announcement.Jeff Bezos sat down with Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan and director Zoya Akhtar to talk about storytelling, life lessons, and the growth of Prime Video in India. “Prime Video is doing well all over the world, but nowhere it’s doing better than India. We have just made a decision to double down on our Prime Video investments.”
“We are investing to create a million new jobs here in India over the next five years,” Bezos said. “We’ve seen huge contributions from our employees, extraordinary creativity from the small businesses we’ve partnered with, and great enthusiasm from the customers who shop with us—and we’re excited about what lies ahead.” Learn more.
In an effort to reduce carbon emissions, we're bringing 10,000 electric delivery rickshaws to India by 2025. #ClimatePledge
For a more in-depth view of the visit, see our India live blog.