Amazon is kicking off the New Year with a week in Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Alexa has been part of CES for the last several years, thanks to integrations with thousands of products from hundreds of brands, and this year we’re bringing even more from across Amazon, from Echo and Alexa to Ring, Fire TV, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and more. Many of these products are coming off an incredible year and a record holiday season: Customers worldwide purchased tens of millions of Amazon devices over the holidays, and there are now hundreds of millions of Alexa-enabled devices out there.
Much of this growth has been fueled by the continued invention of developers and device makers, all of whom make Alexa even better for customers. There are now more than 100,000 Alexa-compatible smart home products from more than 9,500 unique brands, more than 100,000 skills from Alexa developers, and hundreds of products with Alexa built-in. Meanwhile, content providers like Apple TV+, Disney+, Peloton, and YouTube TV have helped produce an even richer, more diverse experience on Fire TV, which now has more than 40 million monthly active users. And it’s not just customers who benefit: The Alexa flywheel is helping to generate billions of dollars in revenue for developers and device makers.
Along the way, we’ve continued to make Alexa even more useful and more helpful, and added new features that make it easier for customers to manage their data and privacy. These improvements have helped make Alexa part of daily life for many of our customers: Customers now interact with Alexa billions of times each week.
This week at CES, we’re excited to announce dozens of new features and experiences for customers, and to join many of our partners to showcase products and integrations that leverage Amazon services like Alexa, Fire TV, AWS, and more.
New Alexa integrations and features for customers in the car
Alexa is already available in vehicle models from automakers like Audi, BMW, Ford, and Toyota– and this week at CES, we’re excited to announce integrations with several new automotive brands: Automobili Lamborghini is bringing Alexa to its Huracan Evo range starting in 2020, and Rivian will integrate Alexa into its first two all-electric vehicles, the R1S and R1T, as well as its upcoming fleet of 100,000 all-electric Amazon delivery vans.
We also know many customers aren’t looking to purchase a brand new car, and we want to give them access to Alexa as well. That’s why we built Echo Auto, and why we’ve helped brands like Anker, Garmin, and Nextbase build Alexa-enabled devices for the car. At CES, we’re excited to celebrate the debut of even more aftermarket devices with Alexa built-in, and to announce that Echo Auto will launch internationally this year. Availability will first expand to India on January 15, with other countries to follow later this year.
We’re also announcing new features that make the in-car experience even better for customers. Later this year, customers will be able to say, Alexa, pay for gas to easily purchase fuel at more than 11,500 Exxon and Mobil stations. The transactions for this new Alexa feature are made through Amazon Pay and powered by Fiserv, a global provider of financial services technology. Read more about new in-car experiences for customers and new services for automakers.
New entertainment experiences with Alexa and Fire TV
Alexa makes it easy for customers to control their entertainment experience, and adds unique capabilities for televisions and other screen-based devices. On the all-new Fire TV Cube, for example, which features hands-free Alexa controls, voice interactions are six times higher than any other Fire TV device. This week at CES,brands likeLG, Samsung and Skyworth will be introducing new television models with Alexa built-in. Customers can easily ask Alexa to search for content, play music from streaming services, display a live feed of their smart camera, or control device functions, and enjoy rich, relevant visuals alongside responses about weather, music, shopping lists, and more.
Customers continue to adopt streaming services at a rapid pace, and at CES, Amazon is bringing the Fire TV experience to even more device types with the new Fire TV Edition, a set of tools, features, and services that make it even easier for developers, operators, device makers, and manufacturers to integrate Fire TV into their products. These updates will allow Fire TV to be integrated into new product categories, including in-car entertainment. BMW and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles will be among the first automakers to introduce this new Fire TV experience in their future vehicles.
As part of the newest Fire TV Edition, we’re also announcing a number of new products and category partners, as well as new solutions for TV and telecommunications operators and ODM providers. For more, check out the full release from Fire TV.
Making the smart home simpler, safer, and smarter for customers
Alexa smart home engagement has nearly doubled year over year, and customers are now using Alexa for smart home controls hundreds of millions of times each week. As more customers welcome Alexa into their homes, we’ve continued to introduce new ways to improve the smart home experience, and to give partners the tools they need to build great Alexa-compatible smart home devices, including programs like Amazon Sidewalk and Project Connected Home over IP. This week at CES, we look forward to seeing a range of device makers announce new products that make the smart home even simpler and more convenient for customers.
Customers continue to look to connected devices as a way to make their homes and neighborhoods safer, and today at CES, Ring announced its new Control Center alongside six new products, further expanding its whole-home security lineup and giving users even more control of their devices and security. The new Control Center will enable Ring users to see and manage connected devices and services, opt-out of incident requests from local police partners, and view and control privacy and security settings right from the Ring app. New products from Ring include the Ring Access Controller Pro, which allows customers to remotely operate their electronically controlled gate directly from their mobile device to let in visitors and receive secure Amazon package deliveries; and a handful of additions to the Ring Smart Lighting lineup, including three new Ring Smart Lighting Solar devices, as well as its first-ever line of Smart LED Light Bulbs. By continuing to introduce products and features that work together for all homes, Ring is making it even easier for customers to create a smart and fully customized, whole-home security system. Learn more about Ring’s product announcements at CES.
Bringing Alexa to even more places—at home, at work and on the go
In addition to all of the categories above, brands continue to bring Alexa to dozens of new and novel products—everything from PCs and speakers, to headphones and Wi-Fi routers—and many of these new experiences will be on display throughout the week at CES. To see more, stop by one of our Amazon spaces onsite in Las Vegas:
Amazon Devices Exhibit at The Venetian, Ballroom C-D
  • Explore the growing family of Amazon devices, including Echo, Fire TV, and Dash Replenishment Service, and Alexa-enabled products from Amazon and other developers and device makers.
Alexa Auto Exhibit at Las Vegas Convention Center, North Hall - 5616
  • Experience the breadth of automotive products and solutions being developed by teams across Amazon, including Alexa Auto, AWS, Fire TV, Amazon Home Services, and more, and learn more about how Amazon is making life simpler and more convenient for customers in the car.
Ring Exhibit at Sands Expo Convention Center, Halls A-D – 42319
  • Explore how Ring's devices and services work together to connect customers to their homes anytime, anywhere, and learn about Ring’s approach to accessible, affordable and smart security, and its mission to make neighborhoods safer.