Pets enrich so many of our lives. Customers tell us the technology behind Blink, Ring, and Alexa-enabled devices helps them stay safe, entertained, and connected with family. Often, pets are part of those experiences.

In honor of National Pet Day, we’re sharing stories about how Amazon devices have captured fun moments—or helped create hilarious photos—with furry members of the family. Scroll through to see videos that made us smile, including cats meowing with Alexa, a parrot asking Alexa to play music, a mischievous dog getting busted by Blink, and owners reuniting with lost pets.

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Dad surprises daughters with puppy

Natalia and Olivia asked their parents for a dog almost daily, for years. When their father finally brought home Jack, their very own rescue pup, the girls’ shock and joy were captured by Ring.

Pon Pon the pony jumps for the camera

Diane’s mini horse Pon Pon loves the snow, which was made clear by his joyful hop captured by Ring’s camera.

Blink Moments: An unlikely duo

Carrie caught an unlikely friendship bloom on her Blink camera. Who knew a goat and a dog could be best pals?

Dante discovers Alexa speaks his language.

Not just humans can talk to Alexa.

Missing dog is reunited with his family

Riley the dog was reunited with his family after being missing for 10 days, thanks to help from Neighbors by Ring.

Missing cat returns home to family

Frank, a 12-year-old cat, returned home after wandering off for several days. Dena and her family felt pure joy and relief when he came back.

Ever snuggle with your Alexa device? Coco the cat is a big fan. We hope she figures out Alexa can meow.

When you have fur, Alexa is all you need for a cozy holiday fire.

Gypsy retrieves the mail for her owner

Gypsy the Golden Retriever runs to the USPS truck every day to get the mail and help her owner practice social distancing. She also gets the Sunday newspaper each weekend.

Even guard dogs are going digital.

Blink Moments: Doggy delivery

Treats are here! Kevin’s pup must have misread the address label as he took off with a package. Luckily, Kevin spotted it with help from Blink.

When your assistant tries to eat Echo Show.

“Alexa, bring me treats.”

Alexa agrees, he’s a good boy.