In August 2020, we announced plans to expand our Denver Tech Hub and bring 100 new tech and corporate jobs to the area. As part of this expansion, we also leased new office space to accommodate our growing teams.
In addition to creating offices that foster collaboration, we saw an opportunity to design a space that would encourage curiosity and inspire invention for our employees. To do this, we tapped into the vibrant Denver art community and commissioned a series of murals that channel the energy and spirit of the city. Each of the selected artists and their works reflect the creativity and innovative spirit shared by Amazon and Denver.
Among the artists is Alexandrea Pangburn, who started her career in art by creating pet portraits. Her love of animals and wilderness eventually made its way into larger-scale works of art, and her piece, Alpine Growth, at our Denver Tech Hub highlights local species of flora and fauna that make this area special.
“The opportunity to partner with Amazon as it grows its presence in the Denver area and showcase the beautiful wildlife that enriches our community is a career highlight,” Pangburn said.
A split image of a mural at the Amazon Denver office and the professional photo of the woman who created it.
Julio “Juls” Mendoza is, like many in the area, a Denver transplant. About 20 years after his move to the city, Mendoza continues to draw inspiration from his heritage growing up in El Paso, Texas, and Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, which is reflected in his mural Mi Ciudad - My City. Mendoza understands the impact his artwork can have and, as Denver continues to grow, how new influences will continue to evolve and impact the local culture and the art that reflects it.
“My priority with my murals is to make a bigger connection between the community, its roots, and art. I have called my artistic style ‘Cultural Surrealism,’" said Mendoza. "This style is the inspiration of my heritage and culture, but it’s also inspired by my daily life in the city of Denver, its diversity, and its streets.”
An image split three ways. On either end of the image, you see colorful murals depicting a young girl with a bird on her should and two hands grasping each other. In the middle is an image of the artist who created them. He has spray paint cans behind him and a mask for painting around his neck.
The first eight murals at the Denver Tech Hub, including those by Pangburn and Mendoza, are now complete and welcome employees as they return to the office. See the other installations at the Denver Tech Hub and the artists who created them below:

"Tirohanga #6" by Jodi Stuart

"Sister Paintbrush Dancing in the Meadow" by Grow Love

"Untitled" by Detour

"Untitled" by Chris Haven

"A More Eternal Union" by Max Coleman

"Native Rivers" by Patrick Maxcy