We’re celebrating the incredible employees behind Amazon’s operations with a love story featuring our very own adora-bot Amazon Scout. Of course, we know robots don’t actually fall in love… but people do. Check out some of our favorite heartwarming stories from across our Operations.
Adrianna & Diego: Little love letters
Tilbury, U.K. – Amazon Fulfillment Center LCY2
A man and woman embrace, a close up item is blurred in the image.
Adrianna and Diego began dating the same way Scout and the Amazon Robotics device began their relationship - with a love letter delivered at Amazon. The very first time Diego saw Adrianna was during his interview for a Safety Manager position in Daventry, U.K. During a break in the interview, while he was in the lunch room, she came in. He was immediately captivated by her smile but had no chance to talk to her. Diego landed the job and started in October 2017. It took him months to approach her, but he finally worked up the courage and in January 2018 he wrote her a letter asking her on a first date. They’ve never looked back. Diego and Adrianna got married in October 2019. Diego calls their story “a dream that became a reality.”
Kevin & Brandon: An unlikely proposal
Huntington, WV – Amazon Customer Service Center
Two men stand together, one has is arm around the other man's shoulder.
Kevin and Brandon have been together since 2016. While they did meet shortly before they started working together, their relationship blossomed at Amazon. Working in the same building allowed them to celebrate victories and professional success with each other. At Amazon, they’ve grown and developed mutual passions that have brought about positive change in their lives, including three promotions. Brandon worked secretly with some of his fellow colleagues to propose to Kevin during an All Hands Meeting, where they were surrounded by the people who watched their love grow at Amazon.
James & Samantha: Calling cupid
Huntington, WV – Amazon Customer Service Center
A man smiles at the camera. Behind him, his wife leans in with a smile.
Samantha and James met in October 2012 during a seasonal New Hire Training for the Customer Service team. James knew Samantha was the one when she told him she liked Star Wars and then smiled bashfully when he replied “I know” just as Han Solo said when Leia confessed her love to him. When they worked in the call center together, James says they enjoyed seeing each other throughout the day and loved being able to take lunch breaks together when their schedules lined up. James now works virtually and Samantha is based at the Amazon customer service operations in Huntington, WV. They still watch Star Wars together and enjoy playing games with their son, Luke.
Arek & Mirka: Love languages
Lodz, Poland – Amazon Fulfillment Center POZ1
arA woman stands in an Amazon fulfillment center, with a smile on her face. To her left, a man stands.
Arek and Mirka started their Amazon adventure in Poznan in 2017. Mirka’s studies brought the couple to Poznan where Arek found work in the Receiving department at POZ1, the Amazon Fulfillment Center, while Mirka studied at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan. When Mirka decided to find a part-time job she applied for a position in the Shipping department at the same building (and snagging an employee referral bonus for Arek!). Mirka and Arek see a future for themselves within Amazon, and they both look forward excitedly to the many opportunities that are available to them, including the Career Choice Program. The couple hopes to enroll in an English language course this year in order to apply for senior positions at Amazon. And they couldn’t be more in love.
Fish & Ernest: Prime Day romance
Euclid, OH – Amazon Fulfillment Center CLE3
A woman stands next to a man. A clock hangs behind them, on the wall.
Fish and Ernest met on the outbound shipping dock at the Amazon fulfillment center in Phoenix, AZ in 2012. Despite working together for a year they hadn’t noticed each other…then Prime Day happened. Ernest is pretty shy and usually quiet but everyone was in high spirits that day, talking, singing and joking while they loaded the truck. Conversation turned to tattoos and it turned out that Ernest had some artwork that needed finishing, and Fish tattooed as a hobby in her spare time. Ernest built up the courage to ask for Fish’s number and they started hanging out on their days off and would spend time tattooing, listening to music, and talking. One day after spending hours tattooing Ernest kissed Fish. Not only has their relationship matured, but they’ve both moved across the country and have been promoted at work – Fish is an Area Manager and Ernest is a Transportation Associate.
Erin & Louie: A little Amazon family
Robbinsville, NJ – Amazon Fulfillment Center EWR4
A woman and man sit on a bench in front of a lake.
When Louie first laid eyes on Erin, she was the new girl with pink hair and an infectious smile. He quickly found himself smitten. Louie had been working as an operator on the machines Erin was being trained on. One of Louie's friends at work, Charlie, offered to put in a good word with her. One day, Charlie asked Louie to come down to his station to help troubleshoot and Louie realized that Charlie was working next to Erin. He’d set them up! Louie and Erin clicked quickly and spent the rest of the day talking and working side by side. Fast forward to 2018 when Louie's two children helped him plan a surprise marriage proposal to Erin. She said yes.
Victoria & Viet: From week zero to forever
Salt Lake City, UT – Amazon Fulfillment Center SLC1
Aman and woman sit with their child and three dogs.
This is a story of two Area Managers meeting during Week Zero at the Amazon fulfillment center in Edwardsville, IL in 2016 and connecting over having just relocated from other states. A friendship quickly blossoms, and the Area Managers become the ‘hosts’ of informal get-togethers for younger Area Managers new to Amazon and new to the region. Their names are Victoria and Viet. The two bonded over weekly game nights, Game of Thrones viewing parties, and Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas celebrations for anyone at the site who was able to attend. Somewhere along the way, they realized they were not only best friends, but life partners. Victoria and Viet moved to Salt Lake City in 2018 to continue their careers at Amazon, where Victoria remained in Operations and Viet ventured into Finance, and most recently the Amazon Customer Excellence Systems team. They still host monthly get-togethers for the employees who are new to the area, and their home is regularly visited for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. Victoria and Viet married on April Fool’s Day 2019 and are living happily ever after.
Linda & Joshua: A modern-day romcom
Kennewick, WA – Amazon Customer Service Center
A woman and man stand together, smiles on their faces.
In 2015, Linda and Joshua met during a team outing; they had been working together forsome time but never had the chance to connect. He’d seen her around working with other customer service agents and always found her mysterious and intriguing. Once they spent time together, Linda was instantly smitten with Joshua. After a few memorable dates filled with jokes that felt like a modern-day RomCom, they both knew they found “their person.” After a romantic proposal in 2017, Linda said yes, and the two are happily married with two children of their own.
Cassandra & Gary: Oh, the places you’ll go... together
Coventry, U.K. – Amazon Fulfillment Centers BHX4 and BHX2
A brunette woman and brunette man sit together on a sofa, slight smiles on their faces.
Cassandra Sousa loves to travel and she knew she wanted a partner who could keep up with her desire to meet new people, visit new places, and have exciting new experiences. She met her match in Gary in 2017 when they both worked as temporary associates at Amazon’s fulfillment center in Coalville, Leicestershire. Since then they’ve both become full time associates, Cassandra has been promoted twice. They’ve also been busy traveling the world together: Turkey, Portugal, Paris. Next up: Mexico!