We love our pets. So much so that around six thousand dogs visit our Seattle offices with their human companion, every work day. To celebrate Valentine's Day, our team asked Amazonians to share their Amazon Pet Profile with us. We received more than a thousand submissions, and curated photos of some of the pets that captured our hearts, to share with you.

A Bernese Mountain dog puppy sits on the ground, looking up at the camera.
Appa - Bernese Mountain Dog
A domestic long hair cat lies on her back, looking directly into the camera, as she rolls on the floor.
Coco - Domestic long hair
A hedgehog sits in a tiny red office chair.
Elton - Hedgehog
A Basset Hound leans against the arm of a sofa, looking into the camera, while wearing a tie.
A Pembroke Welsh Corgi wears a buffalo check neck tie and poses in front of a huge waterfall surrounded by greenery.
Photo by Cecil, Kelsey
Piper - Pembroke Welsh Corgi
A Long-haired rabbit with white and brown fur sits on a rug inside a home.
Pebbles - Long hair rabbit
Two bulldogs sit next to each other in front of a wood backdrop. Both have their tongues out. One wears a leather collar while the other wears a collar with a rose on it.
Photo by HMN Photography
Maggie and Tank - Bulldog
A golden retriever puppy sits on hardwood floor, looking into the distance.
Sansa - Golden Retriever
A Bengal kitten stares into the camera, while sitting inside a carpeted cat structure.
Ollie - Bengal
A white and brindle Great Dane looks into the camera, behind her is a black background.
Janet - Great Dane
A brown and black Shih Tzu sits in a galvanized bucket, wearing a tutu and bow at her neck, and tulle pom poms on her ears. In front of the bucket, a pillow that says "You make my tail wag" is positioned.
Kate - Shih Tzu
Two kittens snuggle together, eyes closed, as they rest on a carpeted cat structure.
Pancake and DJ - Domestic short hair cats
A Yorkshire Terrier stands on the beach, looking up at his owner, while the sun sets behind him.
Bentley - Yorkshire Terrier
An orange cat lies on its back, next to a book, as it looks up at the camera.
Cicero - Medium mixed breed