When we chose Arlington, Virginia, as the site of our second headquarters, we committed to become part of the local neighborhood and among the most trusted business and community partners in the region.
Our investment in HQ2 and the surrounding area will result in 25,000 Amazon jobs by 2030 and support thousands of indirect jobs across the region. So far, we’ve exceeded the projections laid out in the agreement we signed with Virginia in 2018 by creating and maintaining over 8,000 jobs at HQ2.
We’ve worked closely with our partners in Arlington County and the National Landing neighborhood, and actively listened to community feedback to inform the design and continue to improve this project.
A photo of Amazon HQ2's two 22-story office buildings located at Metropolitan Park in Arlington, Virginia from street level.Photo by Lucas Jackson
"This project is extraordinary in many respects," said Arlington County Board Chair Christian Dorsey. "It will bring us significantly closer to fulfilling the community's vision of Arlington and National Landing as an urban neighborhood with a better balance of office, residential, and retail development, more and better public spaces, and more and better access for pedestrians and cyclists."
In addition to providing world-class office space for Amazon employees, Metropolitan Park benefits the wider Arlington community. We are creating an open, thriving area that enhances Arlington’s National Landing business district with a new public park space, 14 locally owned small businesses, improved neighborhood connectivity, and other amenities encouraging activity 18 hours a day.
“I’m thrilled to see Amazon's Metropolitan Park opening and Amazon’s unwavering commitment to our community,” said Kate Bates, president and CEO of the Arlington Chamber of Commerce. “From the beginning, Amazon has translated their promises into tangible actions. By including local retailers and prioritizing opportunities for women- and minority-owned businesses, Amazon is not only stimulating the local economy, but also fostering diversity and inclusivity within the retail industry.”
An aerial photo of Metropolitan Park at Amazon's HQ2 in Arlington, Virginia. Photo by Lucas Jackson
“Amazon's focus on providing opportunity through access is a testament to their commitment to creating a more inclusive and equitable future. We are proud to partner with Amazon as they continue to positively impact Arlington,” Bates said.

Here is an exclusive peek inside Metropolitan Park at Amazon's HQ2

Construction at Metropolitan Park began in early 2020 under strict health and safety guidelines. The construction project includes more than 2.1 million square feet.
A photo of Amazon HQ2 Metropolitan Park’s two 22-story office buildings in Arlington, Virginia.Photo by Lucas Jackson
Metropolitan Park’s two 22-story buildings—named Jasper and Merlin—stand 327 feet tall and include 200,000 cubic yards of concrete, which is enough to fill the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool six times.
A photo of the outside of the two Amazon HQ2 office towers located at Metropolitan Park in Arlington, Virginia.Photo by Lucas Jackson
Fun fact: Amazon buildings around the globe are named for key moments in our evolution. Jasper was the code name used for a project to enhance the customer experience for Alexa, and Merlin was the codename for QuickSight, a product that helps our AWS customers generate dashboards powered by AI insights.
Metropolitan Park is home to a new 2.5-acre public open space that features a dog park, recreation areas, seasonal weekend farmers markets, and more—helping realize our community’s vision for a large, centrally located park.
Thoughtfully designed with more than 175 native trees and plantings, Metropolitan Park offers public art installations, walking paths, and places to rest. The park also includes a children’s garden and play area.
The ground level of Metropolitan Park is open and available to the public. On nice days, garage doors open to reveal the building’s atrium with seating and access to a coffee shop.
The design of Metropolitan Park was highly influenced by the natural beauty of Virginia and the unique history of the Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia region. Design elements incorporate native flora and fauna, and use earth tones and natural materials, such as wood and stone, to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.
The meeting centers will be used by Amazon employees for large gatherings. The spaces will also be made available to the community for specific events.
    The buildings feature spaces for Amazon employees to gather called “centers of energy." These will be buzzing hubs for formal and informal interaction where employees can purchase lunch or a coffee, take a one-on-one meeting from a booth, or grab a seat to catch up on email.
    Although Amazon’s HQ2 features eight convenient, quick-service food stalls and cafes in the buildings, Metropolitan Park is designed to encourage employees to venture out into the neighborhood to grab a bite, check out a new restaurant, or support a local business.
    HQ2’s “dog wall” adds a touch of whimsy to the environment while referencing the wide range of roles and positions at Amazon. The wall features framed photos of Amazon employees’ pets with the pet’s name and “job title,” which corresponds to their owner’s department. Learn more about Amazon’s dog-friendly workplace culture.
    We also think it’s important to offer employees the option to connect with nature during the workday. The rooftop gardens provide scenic views of Arlington, Washington, D.C., and the Potomac River, along with access to natural light to help reduce stress and improve focus. These terrace gardens have sustainability features, including recycled greywater systems for irrigation, native trees, and locally sourced plants.
    Every Amazon employee has their own way of commuting to and from the workplace, and we encourage our employees to use the Metro, bike, or walk to their office. As a commuter benefit, we offer subsidized transportation each month to all corporate employees for transit cards, bikes, and rideshare.
    Metropolitan Park has secure, transportation-related features and spaces, including 620 bike racks, two bike repair and wash stations, a half-mile of new, protected bike lanes, and locker rooms with showers for commuters. The building complex has four levels of below-grade parking with 290 electric vehicle (EV) charging stations and additional pedestrian pathways, which provide safe walkways for employees walking to work and commuting via the Metro.
    A photo of tall glass windows and an open door of a retail space under construction at the base of Amazon HQ2 at Metropolitan Park in Arlington, Virginia.Photo by Lucas Jackson
    Metropolitan Park houses more than 50,000 square feet of retail space for businesses. We prioritized 14 minority-owned and women-owned small businesses to create a vibrant, 18-hour neighborhood where employees and neighbors alike can grab a bite, take a spin class, and even see local art.
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