Amazon’s corporate employees in Los Angeles have the opportunity to work at one of the most iconic film studios in entertainment history. The company secured space at Culver Studios in late 2017 to build a unique home for Amazon Music, Amazon Studios, IMDb, Prime Video, and Worldwide Advertising.
The history of Culver Studios dates back to some of the earliest days of Hollywood in 1919. The grounds have a long-established reputation as the filming location for blockbuster hits and classics like Gone with the Wind, King Kong, Rocky, Beetlejuice, Armageddon, I Am Legend, and X-Men First Class.
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The Amazon campus now spans across 14 acres and blends the modern architecture of five office buildings and six state-of-the-art sound stages with a historic, colonial-style mansion and four accompanying bungalows.
I had the opportunity to roam around the campus and take a look inside a few of Amazon’s office spaces. Keep reading for an exclusive peek inside the gates.
First, caffeine. The top floor of the Amazon Music office has a café where employees can get lattes, tea, and coffee. Not only did the café offer the option to take my matcha unsweetened—a rarity—it was also delicious.
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The deck located just outside the café offers the perfect spot to take in all the views of surrounding LA and enjoy some sun with a morning coffee.
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The indoor seating area features art from live shows, a cool velvet couch, and dedicated booths for dining.
An astonishing level of detail went into decorating the Amazon Music office. Case in point: Even the space above the recycling bins is adorned with shelves of color-coordinated vases, books, and beads.
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The breezeway between the Amazon Music and Amazon Studios offices offers spots to relax a bit—for people and doggos alike. I spotted Heathcliff and his mom Natasha scoping out the facilities for our four-legged friends on my way to the next building.
Heading into the Amazon Studios office, employees are immediately greeted by a large, illuminated staircase. The lights change colors, and they were blue for Thursday Night Football on the day I visited.
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A showcase in the lobby displays awards for Prime Video and Amazon Studios. There are a lot of Emmy awards for The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel in that case. I was surprised by how big the Emmy statues are in real life!
Neon art illuminates the hallways of the Amazon Studios office to celebrate the history of the campus and the neighborhood it inhabits.
Large, colorful murals depicting cultural scenes from around the world are also on display—some are so realistic you might think you were actually there if it weren’t for the signs and thermostats on the walls.
Like the Amazon Music office, the Amazon Studios building also offers break spots with great views.
Heading back downstairs and into the breezeway between buildings, employees can catch a glimpse of the sound stages, including the recently announced Stage 15, the virtual production production stage, where films like the upcoming Candy Cane Lane starring Eddie Murphy are shooting.There are six stages that range between 5,600 and 34,500 square feet in size, with ceilings up to 46 feet high.
An image of the sound stages at Amazon Studios in Culver City
A big part of what makes Culver City so magical for film lovers is the Culver Studios mansion. The building has deep roots in Hollywood history, including features in Gone with the Wind and The Wizard of Oz. Some of the most notable filmmakers in history have had offices in here. It now serves as an office space for Amazon Studios.
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Employees can walk the grounds around the property to take in all the Hollywood history, including bungalows where famous filmmakers like Alfred Hitchcock, Lucille Ball, and Orson Welles resided.
The third building I had access to was the office at The Culver Steps, a complex of offices, retail stores, and restaurants on campus.
My visit to the Culver Steps office was a quicker one since the space is a bit smaller, but I did find some cool living art on the walls.
There are also nice views of Culver Boulevard from the conference rooms.
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As the day winds down on the Culver City campus, light displays illuminate the buildings and walkways to help guide employees home for the evening.
I was lucky enough to catch the holiday light display before heading out for the night.
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That concludes my tour of Amazon’s Culver City campus. Want more? Get an inside look at the Amazon office in Nashville, Tennessee and check out the latest news about our second headquarters in Arlington, Virginia.