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Housing Equity

Amazon’s Housing Equity Fund is providing more than $3.6 billion in below-market loans and grants to preserve and create more than 35,000 affordable homes for individuals and families earning moderate to low incomes in the Puget Sound, National Capital, and Nashville regions—three communities that Amazon calls home. As many communities across the U.S. face an affordable housing shortage, we’re committing our resources to increase the supply of long-term, affordable homes for low to moderate-income residents.

Amazon adds $1.4 billion to the Housing Equity Fund

Funding brings Amazon’s investment to more than $3.6 billion to create and preserve over 35,000 affordable homes across the Puget Sound region; the Arlington, VA region; and Nashville, Tennessee.
Amazon’s Commitment to Housing Equity
  • From first responders to teachers, nurses, and service industry employees, we’re helping low- to moderate-income individuals live in the communities they serve and love. This report highlights efforts across four key areas: funding partnerships to create new affordable housing, preserving existing affordable housing, increasing access to transit, schools, and employment centers, and building a more sustainable future.
  • All people should have access to housing they can afford. Low-income and minority families are disproportionately affected by an affordable housing shortage in the U.S. While only governments at the local, state and federal level have the capacity to implement more effective housing policies, we believe the private and public sectors can work together to address this challenge. We will use our position as a large employer to support innovative housing affordability initiatives. And, in locations where we have a sizeable presence, we will invest directly in efforts where we believe our financial support will make a difference.
  • Amazon has committed over $130 million to our nonprofit partners who are working to fight homelessness. Most notably, the company’s $100 million in-kind and cash donations have built the largest family shelter in Washington state for our nonprofit partner, Mary’s Place. Mary’s Place opened an eight-floor shelter with its own health clinic inside an Amazon office building within the company’s Puget Sound headquarters.
  • Amazon’s housing pilot initiative will help up to 800 individuals and families from underserved communities purchase homes in Tennessee, Virginia, Washington, D.C., and Washington state.
  • Amazon will direct $25 million from the $2 billion Housing Equity Fund to preserve and create affordable housing as part of an innovative pilot program established by Washington Senate Bill 5466.
  • Amazon Housing Equity Fund is partnering with a diverse group of minority-led development partners on this project. With this announcement, the Amazon Housing Equity Fund has committed to create or preserve more than 10,000 affordable homes across the company’s hometown communities.
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