Have you ever felt a bit overwhelmed by family asking what you or your kids would like for the holidays? I certainly have.

For my son’s first Christmas, I received close to a dozen text messages in early December from his grandparents, aunts, uncles, and other family members asking for gift ideas for him. While I felt grateful to have so many people wanting to spoil him for the holiday, I also struggled with which ideas to send to which people, unsure of their budgets. So, I decided to send them all an email with links to about 15 items I knew my son would love, ranging from $10 to $100.

What I hadn’t thought about was that sending the same list to everyone meant they could potentially all buy the same few gifts. And they did! (We had to do quite a few exchanges that year.) So this had me thinking, there must be an easier way. I did some simple research and discovered Amazon’s Wish List tool (also known simply as a “List”). And it has been a total game changer for us.

Here’s everything you need to know about making and using an Amazon Wish List.

The benefits of an Amazon List

A screenshot of the process described above.

There are quite a few, but perhaps the biggest benefit of using a List is the ability to keep things so organized and in one place. As your friends or family ask for your gift requests, you can simply share the list with them with the click of a button. And as items are purchased, they’ll be labeled as such, so you don’t accidentally end up with multiples.

Another perk: Amazon Lists are a great way to keep track of prices and deals on the items you want most. When the price of an item drops or a coupon or deal becomes available, you can choose to be notified via push alert if you’re using the Amazon app.

When to create a List

Lists aren’t just useful around the holidays. They’re also great for birthdays and other special occasions for which people may want to buy gifts for you or your family members.

Lists are also a great way to keep track of your own shopping lists, not just gifts. Maybe you’re redecorating a room in your home, or going on vacation and need a few things. Perhaps you’re in the middle of cooking a big meal and realize you’re missing some key cooking tools. Create a new Amazon List to keep track of everything you want or need.

How to create a List

There are a few ways to create a new List.

When you’re logged into your Amazon account on a browser, you should see “Account & Lists” at the top of the page. When you hover over that, you’ll see a column titled “Your Lists,” and from there you can create a list.

A screenshot of the process described above.

If you’re using the Amazon app, you’ll click the icon with three horizontal lines in the bottom right corner, and then you will see “Lists” as an option on the bottom of the screen. Once you open that page, you can see your existing Lists or create a new one.

Another way to create a new List is from a product page. As you’re browsing items in Amazon’s store, you will find a drop down on the right side of your screen that says “Add to List.” You can choose an existing List you may have already created, or create a new one from there. You can also ask your Alexa device to create a new List.

How to name your Lists and edit your settings

As you create your Lists—however you do it—you’ll be prompted to name them. I typically create one for each of my three kids and name them accordingly.

You can also manage each List’s settings. For example, you may decide whether to include a shipping address, as well as the option to let anyone with access to your Alexa devices to add items to your Lists.

A screenshot of the process described above.

You can also choose to keep purchased items on the list, and whether or not to “spoil my surprises” (meaning, you won’t see which items have been purchased unless you try to buy an item that someone already bought).

How to add items to your List

As mentioned above, any time you’re on a product page in Amazon’s store, you should see the option to add the item to your Lists. You may also be able to add an item using your Alexa devices, if you have that setting turned on.

You may also add an “idea” to your list. This is a great option if you don’t have a preference for a particular item, but want to give people a good idea. For example, you can just add “slippers” and leave it up to the gift-giver to choose the perfect pair.

How to share your List

Your Lists will remain private until you’re ready to share with others. (Even if you have no intention of sharing, a List can be a helpful way to keep things you want or need to buy very organized!)

Once you’re ready to share, you’ll see an “Invite” button at the top of your list. You can either copy the link, or choose the “Email” or “Text Message” option.

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How to find someone else’s List

Under “My Lists” you will see the option to “Find a List or Registry.” You can type in the person’s name to search.

You can also simply ask your loved ones to share their List.

Be sure to add comments and priority preferences

A cool feature on Lists is the ability to add comments and assign each item a priority level.

The comments are great for telling your loved ones a little bit about why you or your kids might love a particular gift, or to specify the color or size of an item that might have these types of options. Meanwhile, the priority feature is a great way to tell your friends and family which items you want or need most.

Lists are an easy way to keep things organized this holiday season and beyond, so try making one today.