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Amazon joins US Artificial Intelligence Safety Institute to advance responsible AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the most transformational technologies of our generation. The advent of large language models with hundreds of billions of parameters has unlocked new generative AI use cases to improve customer experiences, boost employee productivity, drive economic growth, and more.
The latest news
Watch: Amazon partners with Washington state to achieve a decarbonized future
Amazon was proud to host the Future of Carbon Policy Forum, which included Washington state Governor Jay Inslee, state policymakers, local businesses, tribes, and other important stakeholders, to discuss climate solutions.
Watch: The grand opening of Metropolitan Park at Amazon's second headquarters in Arlington, VA
Join employees, community members, and government officials as they tour the HQ2 offices and amenities that are now open for the neighborhood to enjoy.
Amazon's Public Policy priorities
  • Since our inception, we've been expanding choice for shoppers and sellers alike. Our investments and innovations in the retail industry increase competition, improve selection, lower prices, and broaden the ways sellers reach customers.
  • Corporate tax codes in any country should incentivize investment in the economy and job creation.
  • We support and lobby for U.S. federal policies that make intellectual property violations crimes with meaningful penalties, and for law enforcement to have resources to appropriately prosecute these crimes.
  • We want to make what should be easy, easier, in health care.
  • All people should have access to housing they can afford; the private and public sectors can work together to address this challenge.
  • We support and lobby for immigration reform, including a legal pathway to citizenship for Dreamers and reforms to the green card and high-skilled visa programs.
  • We support strong U.S. federal privacy legislation; in the absence of congressional action, we support well-crafted state laws that protect consumers' privacy, while continuing to allow for innovation.
  • Human-induced climate change is real and serious, and action is needed from the public and private sectors.
  • We support transportation policies across our networks that allow our customers to receive products and services efficiently and in a sustainable manner.
  • We believe in providing equitable access to employment and have advocated for a higher federal minimum wage and cannabis reform, among other workplace initiatives.
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