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Since our inception, we've been expanding choice for shoppers and sellers alike. Our investments and innovations in the retail industry increase competition, improve selection, lower prices, and broaden the ways sellers reach customers.
A woman looking at a phone and on the screen you can see the delivery confirmation of an Amazon package.
Our position

The retail industry around the world is extraordinarily competitive. Customers shop across many retailers every day, in every format, and 85% of purchasing still occurs in physical stores. At Amazon, we know that to compete we must continually innovate on behalf of our customers.

By staying focused on innovation to benefit customers, we enhance customer experiences—not only in our stores—but across the industry as we chart the way for other retailers to adopt similar innovations. For example, when Amazon became the first retailer to open its store to third-party sellers to sell alongside Amazon’s own offerings, other retailers followed suit, increasing selection and competitive pricing for all customers. And as Amazon built out its fulfillment network to deliver products quickly, other major retailers began investing in their own logistics networks to enhance customer service. Amazon has invested billions in innovations to support our third-party selling partners, creating a remarkable record of success for sellers on Amazon.

With so many options for customers to choose from, remaining competitive in the retail industry requires earning the trust of customers every day. Amazon will continue to innovate and raise the standards for service and convenience for customers and small and medium-sized businesses that sell in Amazon's store.
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