Business owners choose to sell in the Amazon store because it’s a great value, with access to powerful tools, services, and programs to drive their business growth—and at a cost that is typically lower than their alternatives.
Here’s what some sellers have to say about how Amazon has helped them succeed.

1818 Farms

"It's the credibility it offers a small brand like ours. It's just a broad base of customers we would never be able to reach without being on Amazon."—Natasha McCrary, owner, 1818 Farms


"Buy with Prime, Amazon Lending, Amazon Logistics—pretty much everything, we've taken advantage of at one point or another."—Derek Good, founder, ABIOTO

ASM Games

"Amazon Ads, in many cases, is by far cheaper than many other acquisition channels, and one of the most cost-effective means of selling products online. As anyone in ecommerce knows, visibility is rarely free...and many online sellers have struck a balance between paid and organic that works significantly better on Amazon than many places outside of Amazon."—Alfred Mai, founder and CEO, ASM Games

Blue Henry

"You need cheerleaders. Amazon has created a wonderful environment for small businesses, giving us all the tools we need to succeed. As a small business, you’re always looking for advice, and so the BBA set up a wonderful environment with mentors and also with monthly calls on different topics around growing your business."—Adrienne Walker, founder and CEO, Blue Henry

Chica Beauty

"Amazon has opened up a whole new avenue for us. We get excited when our customers are excited! So when we read our reviews and how much they love the product, it’s reassurance that we are on the right track."—Mei-Lon Jimenez, co-founder and co-CEO, Chica Beauty

Compac Industries

"When I think about Amazon services, FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) has to be at the top, because it allows us, as a company, to be able to scale."—Dean-Paul Hart, president, Compac Industries

Dumpling Daughter

"When we started selling in Amazon’s store, it wasn’t really about the sales for me. I wanted people to get Dumpling Daughter in their hands and at their dinner tables. I love the interaction that we get, and it pushes us to be more creative. Maybe down the road, there will be cookware or clothing or red lipstick or red nail polish, even things that people want that are Dumpling Daughter-esque: the sky’s the limit."—Nadia Liu Spellman, founder, Dumpling Daughter


"We originally we made the products for people with arthritis and for the elderly but once we started selling on Amazon we realized that actually, kids with cerebral palsy really need it; kids with any kind of limb differences or disabilities could use our products and now Amazon added adaptive aids as a category so that we are actually creating more space for products that help people."—Polina Mellin, partner, EazyHold

Eleeo Brands

"We leverage Fulfilled by Amazon for the majority of our products. We do have the ability to ship from here, but we find that Amazon is better at it. They're probably the best in the world in terms of getting products to our customers. So we leverage FBA. We've also leveraged some of their brand tools. Brand registry is a big one for us. We have IP patents and trademarks that we protect."—Richard Palmer, co-founder and CEO, Eleeo Brands


"I started my business in 2012, founding a small manufacturing and distribution company focused mainly on science products. Without the use of Amazon's, distribution services, ecommerce tools, cash flows (the list goes on and on) my business would be nowhere near what it is today."—Ben Person, founder and CEO, ENALAS Group, Eisco products

Garden Tutor

"I firmly believe that my business wouldn't have taken off without Amazon and the incredible access it offers. Amazon has democratized entrepreneurship, allowing anyone to showcase their products in a world-class marketplace."—Angus Junkin, founder, Garden Tutor

Grill Sergeant

"Amazon is the best marketplace for small businesses because they provide us access to their infrastructure and services, so our brands can compete globally on day one."—Scott Moller, co-founder, Grill Sergeant

Iya Foods

"When speaking to people about why we sell on Amazon and they ask me questions about fees etc. I usually lay out comparisons to the other options we have and then people are surprised to see that it is more efficient today for Iya Foods to ship via FBA than it is anywhere else."—Toyin Kolawole, founder and CEO, Iya Foods


"We use the full suite of Amazon services. We sell FBA and if items ever stock out, we seamlessly shift to fulfillment by merchant. We have a thriving brand store to show the full Lay-n-Go product line and through the use of advertising, coupons, and daily deals, we can promote and grow our business while also understanding how the market is responding to our different styles, colors, and patterns."—Adam Fazackerley, COO, Lay-n-Go

Leather Honey

"We're essentially able to have a large business and the infrastructure behind that to be able to fulfill thousands of orders a day without having a huge warehouse, without having to hold a very large amount of inventory and still being able to ship products quickly to consumers in a manner that they expect from their experience and interaction with Amazon."—Shawn McGowen, CEO, Leather Honey


"When I created a product, I wanted to create a product that, in the branding, in the quality of the ingredients, and in the messaging, it was able to compete with any of the big and more established brands that are out there. But I quickly realized that if I was going to create that kind of product and be viable, I needed to be able to compete from a logistics point of view. Being able to share my ideas and products with the world and still pursue my other interests in medicine and surgery as a physician has been amazing."—Dr. Sheg Aranmolate, founder and CEO, Leovard

Logic Products

"The Fulfillment by Amazon service has benefited my small business in so many different ways; it's allowed me and us, the people that work here at my company, to reach a large audience not only nationally but internationally. It has allowed us to provide our products to moms and other customers searching for eco-friendly products for their families and provide those products to them very quickly when they need them and not have to go out to a store or wait a week to get the product."—Jill Taft, founder, Logic Products

Lucy's Inc.

"Amazon has nearly doubled the size of our company and helped generate a tremendous growth in sales. We’ve been able to reinvest in the company—hire more amazing employees and invest in marketing."—Edgar Diaz, head of business development, Lucy's Inc.

Luna Sundara

"Working with artisans, bringing their products to life, showcasing them on Amazon, and employing my family and Latin American communities has been an incredible gift."—Sandra Manay, co-founder, Luna Sundara


"Amazon is the great equalizer for small business. It allows us to compete on an equal playing ground, while allowing consumers to get products at competitive prices and fast. I'm quite sure there is a direct correlation between Amazon's growth and innovation in the marketplace!"—Andy Horrow, president, Protein2o


"Before Amazon FBA really took off, it was harder. You had to go the traditional route. Partnering with Amazon has really created an opportunity that didn't exist. Now with Amazon, and FBA, and the opportunities it created, you can start and operate a multi-million dollar business from your home."—Mohamad Sam, COO, purifyou


"Amazon has been a partner with us from day one. We've been able to successfully grow to the level that we're at today, we are the number one best selling rope product on Amazon, and have been for the last six years straight."—Sean Brownlee, CEO, Ravenox


"I sell toys and collectibles on Amazon and use my own warehouse and fulfillment service, and that has not impacted my sales, or how often I win the 'Buy Box.' Thanks to good reviews, fair prices, and a commitment to delivering our products on time, we win the Buy Box regularly, often beating out products sold directly by Amazon."—Evans Richards, founder and CEO, ReVend

Sheets & Giggles

"When you're talking about selling a physical product, being on Amazon is a place to be if you want to maximize your reach as a new brand. There are thousands and thousands of people who would've never discovered Sheets & Giggles if we hadn't launched on Amazon back in 2019."—Colin McIntosh, founder and CEO, Sheets & Giggles


"Seller University is a great place to start, and I love Seller Forums—it has been a really nice resource to have. The community is pretty awesome. I usually spend an hour a day just seeing what challenges other sellers are facing."—Scott Fleming, inventor and owner, StoveShelf

Total Food Package

"We blend and package dry food products in our allergen-free facility. So we specialize in those products, and we really see some growth with Amazon. We've been able to hire more people working with Amazon, and we really look forward to the future."—John Memmot, president, Total Food Package

Your Therapy Source

"Selling on Amazon, for me and my small business, has really opened up a lot of opportunities. It's reaching an audience that I would never be able to reach where I live. I live in a rural area. And by using Amazon's platform and shipping capabilities, we're able to reach customers all over the US and Canada."—Margaret Rice, owner, Your Therapy Source

Our seller community is vitally important, providing a vast selection of amazing products, low prices, and great convenience for customers. Their success is our success.
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