This Black History Month—and all year long—we celebrate the incredible Black-owned businesses that sell in Amazon’s store and the many reasons why “Black is Remarkable” via the Buy Black store, where customers can shop products and discover the inspirational stories behind their success. Customers can discover a wide selection of unique and impactful products in Amazon’s store to shop with purpose and support the Black business community.
As part of our continued commitment to support and amplify Black-owned businesses, Amazon launched the Black Business Accelerator (BBA) in 2021, backed by a $150 million commitment over four years to empower sustainable entrepreneurship for Black-owned businesses in our store. Selling in Amazon’s store unlocks a suite of opportunities that enables Black entrepreneurs to build their brands, increase discoverability, and sell their products to millions of customers worldwide.
Here are four ways to easily discover and support Black-owned businesses with Amazon during Black History Month:

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Visit the Buy Black store

Visit the Buy Black store
Look out for the Black-owned Business badge
Watch Amazon’s third installment of the ‘Behind the Storefront’ video series
Listen to a special Black History Month episode of the ‘This is Small Business’ podcast
Visit the Buy Black store
The logo for the Buy Black store on Amazon, which states "Black is Remarkable, a celebration of Black Culture."

Discover incredible Black-owned businesses by visiting the Buy Black store, a destination where customers can shop products by category and learn more about inspiring Black business owners.

Look out for the Black-owned Business badge
A motion graphic that showcases a user scrolling the Support Small storefront on Amazon, and accessing information about the small business icon and Black-Owned Business icon.

While shopping in Amazon’s store, customers can identify products from Black-owned businesses by looking out for the Black-Owned Business badge. The badge tells customers when a product is sold by a Black-owned business and currently appears on detail pages for eligible product offers in the U.S.

Watch Amazon’s third installment of the ‘Behind the Storefront’ video series

There’s no shortage of inspiring success stories from small businesses selling in Amazon’s store. Watch Amazon’s video series, Behind the Storefront, to meet two of the many Black-owned businesses that sell in Amazon’s store and get an inside look into how both small businesses have led their teams, inspired their communities, and persevered despite challenges.

Terminal B—Los Angeles, CA

Terminal B, a luxury fragrance brand, was created by co-founders and avid travelers Chris and Fay Breedlove, to recreate the feeling of their previous travels. The couple has spent years learning and experimenting with the art of scent and fragrance to evoke the feeling of wanderlust at home. Every candle is meticulously produced and packaged in Los Angeles, aiming to transport customers to international destinations around the world.

Dungeon Forward—Ft. Lauderdale, FL

David Castro, founder and CEO, created Dungeon Forward in 2008, a streetwear brand inspired by and for the creative community. Castro decided to focus specifically on headwear in 2014 to change the perspective on what a crown could look and feel like. A decade later, Dungeon Forward’s mission is to call upon those who may not normally see themselves as royalty to recognize their greatness through creativity, storytelling, and self-expression.

Listen to a special Black History Month episode of the ‘This is Small Business’ podcast
The 'This is Small Business' podcast logo.

Meet Teri Johnson, the inspirational owner of Harlem Candle Company, in a special Black History Month episode of the This is Small Business podcast. The episode airs February 13 and dives deep into Johnson’s business journey while providing key insights for aspiring entrepreneurs. She discusses why she started Harlem Candle Company, how she’s been able to grow and promote her candle business, and what she sees for the future of her brand. This is Small Business explores the journey to success for small business owners by discussing the pivotal moments they have faced and conquered along the way.

More than 60% of sales in Amazon’s store come from independent sellers—most of which are small and medium-sized businesses—and we aim to empower Black-owned businesses by making it easy for customers to shop their extraordinary products.
All year long, customers can also shop from a wide array of categories on the Support Small storefront, including Black-owned, women-owned, military family-owned, Hispanic-owned, Asian & Pacific Islander-owned, and LGBTQIA-owned businesses.
During Black History month, and all year round, it’s easier than ever for customers to discover, shop, and support Black-owned small businesses and celebrate Black culture through the dedicated Buy Black store.