At Amazon, one of the ways we are supporting a more inclusive world for women and the businesses they own is by showcasing their products, stories, and innovations on Amazon’s dedicated women-owned storefront—which can also be found on the Support Small storefront year round.

With Fulfillment by Amazon, Sylvia Kapsandoy has been able to focus on innovating and growing her spice brand USimplySeason.

Customers can shop women-owned businesses in Amazon’s store on International Women’s Day, during Women’s History Month, and all year long, and we’re proud to offer products from founders who are challenging gender stereotypes and driving inclusion across industries.

Meet six of the many incredible women entrepreneurs who sell in Amazon’s store, and learn about their journeys and how they built their companies.


Los Angeles, California

A photo of Melissa Bamberg, Founder & CEO of nodpod (left) and a nodpod facemask over a customer's eyes who is laying down.
Melissa Bamberg, founder & CEO of nodpod

In 2009, founder and CEO Melissa Bamberg and her mom constructed the very first Gentle Pressure Sleep Mask prototype in her kitchen when she was looking to find the best fill material for her strap-free sleep mask idea. She leaned into the phenomenon of deep touch pressure—the science of applying gentle pressure to the body to relieve stress and anxiety while promoting deep, restful sleep. Since then, nodpod has expanded its line of sleep products to include items like the Compact Weighted Blanket, which has all the benefits of a full-size weighted blanket in a smaller size that’s perfect for travel.

“When I started nodpod, I sold my creation on my own website that no one knew existed. Amazon gave my product not only a voice, but a real chance to succeed as it continues to be a lifeline for my entrepreneurial dreams.”—Melissa Bamberg, founder & CEO of nodpod

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Las Vegas, Nevada

A photo of Kim Nguyen, Founder & Growth Director of BASE ROOTS.
Kim Nguyen, founder & growth director of BASE ROOTS

Kim Nguyen founded home decor company BASE ROOTS in 2018 to bring nature and traditional craft to our homes. BASE ROOTS offers a variety of planters, vases, and hanging decor that push the limits of creativity and functionality, like the popular Mushroom Decor Planter, the tiered Hanging Fruit Basket, and wooden Hanging Shelves. Each artisan-crafted piece is intended to help cultivate a space that fosters relaxation, encourages individuality, and inspires a sense of uniqueness in everyday lives.

“Amazon helped our business expand internationally into new locations with overall account support, VAT support, and listing translations. Amazon Global Logistics (AGL) saves us in costs and time with direct overseas shipments through Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA).”—Kim Nguyen, founder & growth director of BASE ROOTS

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Homescape Pets

Austin, Texas

A photo of Nana Pfeifer, Co-Founder of Homescape Pets holding homescape products.
Nana Pfeifer, co-founder of Homescape Pets

After her first dog became ill with cancer, co-founder Nana Pfeifer began looking for simple, clean products to keep her dog’s remaining time on earth comfortable and pain-free. Unable to find options that are both healthy and affordable, Nana educated herself on how to make pet supplements with three or fewer ingredients and launched Homescape Pets in Amazon’s store in 2018. Now, the business offers a variety of all-natural, hemp and CBD-based supplements that support pet wellness and healing, like the Mussel Mobility powder for stiff and sore joints and Daily Thrive anti-inflammatory meal-topper oil for aches and pains. All products are safe and effective for both dogs and cats, and the company recently launched their organic Catnip Spritz in Amazon’s store as well. Homescape Pets is a part of Amazon’s Black Business Accelerator program, a four-year, $150 million commitment dedicated to helping build sustainable growth for Black-owned businesses.

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“Amazon continues to be the most ideal channel for us to launch our products. From the unbiased reviews to top notch analytics, Amazon has made it easy to build Homescape Pets, both on and off the site.”—Nana Pfeifer, co-founder of Homescape Pets

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The Chai Box

Marietta, Georgia

A photo of Monica Sunny, Founder & CEO of The Chai Box (left) and Chai Box tea (right).
Monica Sunny, founder & CEO of The Chai Box

Ever since she was a little girl, chai was an integral part of Monica Sunny’s daily family ritual. She began blending teas at 12 years old, and created The Chai Box in 2017 to instill the love of chai and share the tradition of “chai time” with her family and friends. Featured in Oprah’s Favorite Things, each tea from The Chai Box incorporates elements of Monica’s mother’s recipes and is inspired by different regions in India, including the assortment of teas in the Best Sellers Gift Set.

“Amazon has brought us new customers that may not have seen our product otherwise. After launching our gift set in Amazon’s store in 2021 for Oprah’s Favorite Things, we expanded our product base and were blown away by the response in the first few weeks when our Chai Concentrate was at the top of the search list.”—Monica Sunny, founder & CEO of The Chai Box

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Big Dill Pickleball

Salt Lake City, Utah

A photo of Katy Luxem, Founder & CEO of Big Dill Pickleball holding pickleball paddles on a court.
Katy Luxem, founder & CEO of Big Dill Pickleball

Founder Katy Luxem was searching for trendy pickleball paddles when she set out to create a product that was as inclusive and fun as the emerging sport itself. These premium-made pickleball paddles, balls, and accessories are designed to make the game more accessible for beginners and mid-level players. Big Dill offers everything you need to jumpstart your pickleball game, including the Big Dill Pickleball Set with two paddles, two pickleballs, neoprene covers, and a carrying bag to remind you that you’re a big deal!

“Big Dill Pickleball Company launched in late 2020 as an Amazon-first business, so everything has been geared toward the Amazon customer and built around what Amazon offers Brand Registry sellers. This focus has streamlined our operations and helped us grow revenue year over year since launch.”—Katy Luxem, founder & CEO of Big Dill Pickleball

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Madison, Wisconsin

A photo of Dr. Ronak Mehta, Founder & CEO of Nerdbugs holding a Nerdbugs plush.
Dr. Ronak Mehta, founder & CEO of Nerdbugs

During her clinical rotations in medical school, CEO and founder Dr. Ronak Mehta noticed that patients are often gifted items like flowers, treats, or generic teddy bears that are eventually discarded, which inspired her to create something more meaningful for people to take with them when they leave the hospital. At the same time, Mehta was working on a children’s anatomy book and decided to bring her “Nerdbugs” characters to life, creating plushies like the uterus, lungs, and heart, to represent patients’ journeys and start conversations about medical and mental health. Nerdbugs helps children and people of all ages better understand what they are going through and learn about their bodies through play, like the adorable Heart Plush that explores how the human heart works.

“It’s been wonderful to be able to create such an amazing end-to-end customer experience with the help of Amazon. Since we launched in 2018, Amazon has been an incredible partner to help share and support our mission and impact the lives of thousands of people around the world.”—Dr. Ronak Mehta, founder & CEO of Nerdbugs

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All year long, customers can shop the women-owned small business section on Amazon’s Support Small page and look for the Small Business badge throughout Amazon’s store to shop and discover products sold by small businesses.