Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities are transforming virtually every experience, and we are continuing to launch new capabilities that meaningfully improve how customers shop in our store, and how our selling partners succeed in creating thriving businesses. One area we are focused on is helping our selling partners more easily create high-quality product pages. Previously, creating product pages required significant effort from sellers to develop and input accurate and comprehensive product details across numerous attributes to build compelling product descriptions that attract the right customers. We’re now making it even easier for sellers to accomplish this with the ability to transform their existing product pages on other websites into rich product listings tailored to Amazon’s store, with far less effort.
Last fall, we started on a journey to dramatically reduce the effort required from our selling partners while helping them create even higher-quality product pages. We started by allowing sellers to provide us with only a few words that described their product, and we used generative AI to create compelling product titles, descriptions, and other product details. We followed this with the ability for sellers to simply upload an image of their product and use generative AI to automatically generate their product title, description, and even more product attributes. These features can also suggest attributes such as color and keywords to help effectively index the product in customer search experiences.
While it is still early days, more than 100,000 of Amazon’s selling partners have already used one or more of our generative AI listing tools. We always encourage sellers to review our generated product details before they submit them to our store, and already, the majority of AI-generated listings are being submitted, with sellers accepting suggested attributes nearly 80% of the time with minimal edits. We’ve compared the AI-generated content to non-AI generated content and found improvements across measures of clarity, accuracy, and detail, which can increase a product’s discoverability when customers search in Amazon’s store. We are also hearing from sellers that it saves them time, so they can focus more of their attention on developing great products, a benefit particularly valuable to small businesses and customers.
We are finding that generative AI has a profound capacity to simplify the effort it takes for our selling partners to create great product listings, and we will continue to innovate upon these capabilities. As we expand the breadth of attributes that we can automatically generate and further improve the quality of generated content, we keep reducing the effort needed for sellers to create high-quality product detail pages that resonate with customers.
A photo of the Amazon seller product listing experience.
However, we have also been hearing from some of our selling partners that their products are already listed online on their own direct-to consumer (DTC) website. So, in addition to using sparse amounts of text or an image to generate listings, we are now launching the ability for sellers to simply leverage their existing listings by just providing Amazon with a URL, which is automatically parsed by our generative AI-based features, to seamlessly create high-quality, engaging listings for Amazon’s store. This will further enhance and streamline the process of creating product listings, saving our selling partners more time and effort while developing listings for Amazon’s store that appeal to customers and help drive sales. This new capability is starting to roll out now and will be available to U.S. sellers in the coming weeks. We are excited about how these new innovations are built and hosted in AWS, leveraging a number of powerful foundational models made easily accessible through Amazon Bedrock to best meet the needs of Amazon’s selling partners and customers.
The generative AI tools we’ve deployed so far are constantly learning and evolving, and we are excited about the seller adoption and AI-generated content quality that we are already seeing. Across the business, Amazon is actively developing powerful new AI tools and capabilities, and we are even more optimistic about the future capabilities and positive seller impact of these offerings. As more sellers leverage the technology to enhance their own product listing experience, we will provide them with increasingly relevant results, reducing effort for sellers while improving efficacy of generated listings. Improving and streamlining listing creation is an exciting example of how our selling partners are already benefiting from Amazon’s generative AI investments, and this is just one more way that we continue to partner with small businesses to create an amazing shopping and selling experience.