Low prices matter to customers—they always have and they always will. From the beginning, Amazon has obsessed over offering customers low prices across our wide selection of products, with fast, reliable delivery. Decades later, this hasn’t changed. We strive to offer Earth’s largest selection with fast, reliable delivery, and work hard to keep prices low across our store. We know that people have many options for where to shop, and consistently low prices earn customer trust and keep them coming back.
In the Amazon store, we offer selection from both Amazon retail and third-party sellers. By having third-party sellers in our store, we increase selection and price competition for customers. When it comes to pricing, we do the work to compare and match Amazon’s retail prices to competing physical and online competitors’ stores to keep our prices low. Third-party sellers set their own prices—and Amazon offers optional tools to support them in offering competitive, low prices.
Together, this means that our customers can trust that they will find low, competitive prices, and they save time and money shopping in our store. We’ve worked hard for more than 25 years to set the standard for providing wide selection, fast delivery, and low prices across millions of products globally. We’re proud that our continued innovation encourages other retailers to improve the price, selection, and value they offer, which, ultimately, is a win for all customers.
As part of our commitment to maintaining customer trust of our low pricing and to help our selling partners grow their businesses over the long run, we evaluate all competing Amazon retail and third-party seller offers and highlight the best offer for a product with a “Buy Now” button. We highlight the offer we think customers would choose if they compared all offers in detail, and we strive to only highlight offers when they’re priced well. We do not display the “Buy Now” button when we learn that another competitor’s store offers that product for less, but it remains available for purchase in case customers still want to buy it in our store. As a result, the vast majority of the millions of products with a “Buy Now” button are priced as well or better than at competing stores.
Third-party analysis confirms Amazon consistently delivers low prices. For seven consecutive years, an independent study from Profitero found prices in Amazon’s store to be the lowest online prices among all major U.S. retailers, with prices that were an average of 16% less expensive than competitors’ in 2023. We’re proud of this—and will never stop working hard to compare and match low prices to competitors’, making Amazon the place customers think of for low prices.
Beyond offering low prices with fast delivery across millions of products every day, we continue to find new ways to save customers time and money. We offer tens of thousands of deals and coupons across Amazon’s U.S. selection daily, Prime exclusive deals, discount subscription programs through Subscribe & Save, and have major deals events such as Prime Day, Prime Big Deal Days, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday.
Selection, value, and convenience are our enduring customer experience tenets. We’ll never stop innovating to offer all customers a world-class shopping experience and low prices every day.