Here's a complete list of Amazon’s S-team members:

  1. Adam Selipsky, CEO, Amazon Web Services
  2. Aicha Evans, CEO, Zoox
  3. Amit Agarwal, SVP, India and Emerging Markets
  4. Andy Jassy, President and CEO
  5. Beth Galetti, SVP, People eXperience and Technology
  6. Brian Olsavsky, SVP and CFO
  7. Candi Castleberry, VP, Inclusive eXperiences and Technology
  8. Christine Beauchamp, SVP, North America Stores
  9. Colleen Aubrey, SVP, Advertising Product and Tech
  10. Dave Treadwell, SVP, eCommerce Foundation
  11. David Brown, VP, Compute Services
  12. David Zapolsky, SVP, Global Public Policy and General Counsel
  13. Doug Herrington, CEO, Worldwide Amazon Stores
  14. Drew Herdener, SVP, Global Communications & Community Impact
  15. James Hamilton, SVP and Distinguished Engineer, AWS
  16. John Felton, SVP, AWS CFO
  17. Matt Garman, SVP, AWS Sales, Marketing, and Global Services
  18. Mike Hopkins, SVP, Amazon Video and Studios
  19. Neil Lindsay, SVP, Amazon Health Services
  20. Panos Panay, SVP, Devices & Services
  21. Paul Kotas, SVP, Advertising, IMDb, and Grand Challenge
  22. Peter DeSantis, SVP, AWS Utility Computing
  23. Peter Krawiec, SVP, Worldwide Corporate and Business Development
  24. Rob Williams, VP, Device Software and Services
  25. Rohit Prasad, SVP and Head Scientist, Artificial General Intelligence
  26. Russell Grandinetti, SVP, International Stores
  27. Steve Boom, VP, Audio, Twitch, and Games
  28. Steve Schmidt, Chief Security Officer
  29. Swami Sivasubramanian, VP, AWS Data & AI
  30. Tony Hoggett, SVP, Worldwide Grocery Stores
  31. Udit Madan, VP, Worldwide Operations