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Health Care

We want to make what should be easy, easier, in health care.
elderly person looking down at a tablet screen which shows a video of a clinician consulting during a health appointment
Our position

At Amazon, we are focused on delivering choice, convenience, and continuity of care. Patients should have agency just like any other customer, and that requires choice—choice of health care services, choice of ways to access care, price transparency, and more. Convenience is important because it’s central to making what should be easy, easier, and if it’s easy, people will engage. Getting people to engage more in their health is the best way to get better outcomes. And we believe everyone needs and deserves the continuity of care that comes with having an ongoing relationship with a primary care provider.

Policies that empower patients with choice, convenience, and continuity of care can improve the entire health care experience. That’s why we support policies that increase patient choice, such as message-based care, price transparency, and digital-forward tools to help customers effectively manage their care.

We also support policies that make health care more convenient by reducing the time customers spend seeking care, like telehealth and home delivery of medications. We also advocate for policies that enable continuity of care by removing barriers so customers can treat their everyday health concerns wherever they are, at any time of day, such as increased access to primary care provided by nurses and physician associates.
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