Digital health benefits offered by insurance plans and employers can help you improve your health and reduce medical costs, but awareness and enrollment in these programs are low. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employees leave nearly 30% of their total compensation on the table through unused benefits, and nearly a quarter of U.S. adults report they are unaware of all the benefits available through their health plan.
Amazon’s new Health Condition Programs make it easier for you to discover digital health benefits, which can help you manage chronic conditions like prediabetes, diabetes, and high blood pressure. Amazon partners with digital health companies to make it easy to check your coverage, apply for programs, and get started with managing your condition. If you’re covered for specific Health Condition Programs through your health plan or employer, you might have access to connected devices, a personal care team, health coaching, nutrition planning, and more. Some programs might be available at no cost to you, with the benefits paid for by your insurance plan or employer.
“Amazon wants to make it easier for people to get and stay healthy, and part of that is making it easier to discover the products, services, and professionals that can help them do that. Many people aren’t aware of the health care benefits they’re eligible for, that are typically no cost or subsidized by their employer or insurance plan,” said Aaron Martin, vice president of healthcare at Amazon. “When customers are shopping for health-related products on Amazon, we can surface these additional health care benefits to them to provide even more support in improving their health, at no additional cost.”

Omada Health joins Amazon’s Health Condition Programs as launch partner

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Omada Health’s over 20 million eligible members can now discover and enroll in Omada’s programs for diabetes prevention, diabetes, and hypertension through Amazon.
Customers can visit the Amazon Health webpage to initiate a general coverage check. If the check indicates they may be eligible for a program, they will then be guided to Omada’s website to complete the enrollment process. This new enrollment pathway will help reach the one out of every 10 commercially insured people in the U.S. who have access to enroll in Omada but may not be aware. More than 38 million Americans live with diabetes and 98 million U.S. adults—1 in 3—have prediabetes.
Amazon’s Health Condition Programs aim to raise awareness of Omada’s cardiometabolic programs and increase enrollment for Omada’s 1,900-plus employer and health plan customers, representing over 20 million eligible members. Over the last 12 years, Omada has had an exceptional impact on their members’ health, with 88% of Omada members reporting satisfaction with the program. Notable outcomes from the diabetes program from 2019 to 2022 include a 12-month A1C decrease of 2.0% for members with a baseline A1C above 8%, with 76% of members achieving Omada’s A1C reduction goals. These findings indicate members participating in the Omada for Diabetes program significantly reduce their A1C and keep blood sugar levels stable for long periods of time.
“It’s inspiring to see Amazon work with established digital healthcare companies like Omada to fight chronic disease—especially diabetes, which often goes undiagnosed,” said Deborah Dugan, CEO of nonprofit Beyond Type 1. “Mobilizing the business, tech, and health industries to collaborate across sectors is how we ultimately scale impact, improve health outcomes, and drive health equity throughout the world. As a leader in diabetes advocacy, Beyond Type 1 applauds these companies for bringing awareness to the disease.”
Learn more about Amazon’s Health Condition Programs. We look forward to expanding our partnerships with digital health companies to help customers discover the benefits available to them and bring high quality care to more customers.