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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

We’re in this together—reaching across cultures—creating global tech innovations that unite us in new and exciting ways. Amazon creates inclusive technology that connects our diverse world, disrupting the status quo of how we learn, shop, communicate, work, and live.

In this together: How Amazon builds diversity, equity, and inclusion into its culture

Amazon’s culture of inclusion is reinforced within our 16 Leadership Principles, which remind team members to seek diverse perspectives, learn, be curious, and earn trust.
Amazon's Commitment to Customers, Communities, and Employees
From the first book we delivered in 1995 to today’s tech advances we once only imagined, Amazon delivers inclusive experiences and technology to over 60 countries around the world. Together, our employees harness the power of our differences to build a brighter future for each other, our customers, and the community.
  • From deliveries at the front door to satellites in space, Amazon drives inventive and accessible solutions that make life easier for people of all backgrounds. In everything we do, we start with our customers, building devices and offering services in over 70 languages and modernizations to bring equity in the digital marketplace.
  • With our size, speed, and innovative culture, we drive change on a global scale. We think big and take bold, deliberate action. Through our inclusive products, services, and touch points in neighborhoods around the world, Amazon leads the way in using science and data to help achieve a more equitable society for the future.
  • We appreciate that our 1.4 million team members reflect the world’s diversity. In our global fulfillment centers and offices, we foster a workplace culture of safety, inclusion, and respect. Across Amazon, we have adopted a more holistic approach in our end-to-end talent strategies, and our teams leverage their collective expertise to advance DEI through technology.
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