As development continues at Amazon’s second headquarters (HQ2) in Arlington, Virginia, we are looking for retail partners that will enrich this growing community of both our neighbors and employees.
Over the past eight months, we’ve announced several local small businesses that will open their doors next year at Metropolitan Park, the first phase of HQ2, including Conte’s Bike Shop, District Dogs, HUSTLE, and South Block. As we continue to bring more small businesses to the area, we hope that HQ2 can be a destination for all the important areas of life, whether that be work, play, family time, or any of the moments in between.
We’re excited to announce the latest additions coming to Met Park in 2023. Below, meet the owners of Celebree School of National Landing, Good Company Doughnuts & Cafe, Glo30, and Peruvian Brothers.

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Celebree School of National Landing

Celebree School of National Landing
Good Company Doughnuts & Cafe
Peruvian Brothers
Celebree School of National Landing

Kate and Brian Mulcahy, owners, Celebree School of National Landing

An image of a man and a woman smiling.Kate and Brian at the groundbreaking for their first location in Tysons Corner, Virginia

Few people can say they ended up in early childhood education by way of corporate law, but Kate Mulcahy can. After an 18-year career as an attorney in the Washington, D.C., area, Kate made the transition to stay at home with her school-aged children for a few years. During this time, she took on charity board roles at Children’s National Hospital and began to assess the importance of quality early childhood education.

She and her husband, Brian, opened their first Celebree School in Tysons Corner, Virginia, in September 2021. Now, less than a year later, their classrooms are almost full, and they are changing the lives of families in the community.

“Partnering with Amazon will allow us to reach a larger subset of the region and provide more quality early childhood education to more families,” said Mulcahy. “The spotlight that Amazon’s presence puts on the community is so valuable, and the new residents it will attract will strengthen the fibers of the community.”

Celebree School’s new location at National Landing will provide even more space than their current location in nearby Tysons Corner, where the couple currently has over 20 employees, including teachers.

“We strive every day to make parents and students feel as comfortable as possible, as well as provide an unparalleled experience for our teachers,” Mulcahy said. “Amazon’s commitment to excellence and service mirrors our own values, making it an even more exciting venture.”

Good Company Doughnuts & Cafe

Charles and Melissa Kachadoorian, Kate and James Murphy, and Tim Terry, co-owners, Good Company Doughnuts & Cafe

An image of the storefront for Good Company Doughnuts.

Good Company Doughnuts & Cafe is a local veteran- and family-owned small business … and the food is delicious, too. The Good Company doughnut dynasty started in 1962, when the Murphy family opened Mrs. Murphy’s Donuts in Jupiter, Florida, and launched it into a series of successful doughnut shops around the country.

Mrs. Murphy’s Donuts closed in 2003—but doughnuts that good leave an impression. When Mrs. Murphy’s son and daughter-in-law, James and Kate Murphy, moved to Arlington years later, they were excited to bring the sweet treats to the community. They teamed up with Kate’s brother, Charlie Kachadoorian, and his wife, Melissa, and their business partner, Tim Terry. In 2019, the first Good Company Doughnuts & Cafe opened, using some of the same recipes and techniques perfected more than 50 years prior at Mrs. Murphy’s.

“We have been rooted in the Arlington community since day one. Even before the opportunity to open at Met Park came about, we had already worked with Amazon on several charitable projects, including meal giveaways, local races, and more,” Kachadoorian said.

When the opportunity came to join HQ2, the family knew it was the right next step.

“With our first location, we have become a venerable part of the community fabric in Arlington,” said Murphy. “We are looking forward to bringing even more joy to more people as the community grows alongside Amazon.”


Dr. Arleen Lamba, owner and founder, Glo30

A headshot image of the founder of Glo30Dr. Arleen Lamba in Glo30

The opportunity to open Glo30, a membership-based facial spa, at Met Park was a dream come true for Dr. Arleen Lamba. Lamba’s business was founded on the principle of taking care of your skin on a routine basis, in the same way we take care of other areas of life. With one customized facial every 30 days, Lamba found the results to be significant, and that continues to be her business model 10 years later.

“When I was starting Glo30, I looked to Amazon for inspiration throughout every corner of my business. Evolution and agility are two key pillars of our strategy at Glo30, and Amazon is a prime example of how listening to your customers and remaining nimble is essential to growth,” said Lamba.

Always keen to expand in up-and-coming areas, Lamba knew she wanted to be part of Met Park when she heard about the opportunity to open a spa in the location.

Amazon champions diversity in small business, and as a women-led, minority-owned company, Glo30 was a natural fit. When she heard that the project was approved, Lamba said: “You think you’re doing something right, and it’s nice to hear that people you really admire think so, too.”

Peruvian Brothers

Giuseppe and Mario Lanzone, founders and owners, Peruvian Brothers

An image of two brothers smiling for a photo.Mario and Giuseppe Lanzone outside the Embassy of Peru in Washington, D.C.

“Gastro-diplomat” is how the Peruvian ambassador to the United States describes the role that brothers Giuseppe and Mario Lanzone have taken on with their Peruvian cuisine ventures in and around Washington, D.C.

The Lanzone brothers moved to McLean, Virginia, in 1997 from La Punta, Peru, a coastal town near Lima where fresh fruits, vegetables, and seafood are a foundation of the community. Fifteen years later, after successful careers in rowing—including two Olympic games for Giuseppe Lanzone—and yacht captaining, the brothers wanted to start a business that celebrated their heritage.

In April 2013, the duo launched Peruvian Brothers food truck—and were met with immediate success and praise from the community. Since then, Peruvian Brothers has expanded from one original food truck to three food trucks, restaurants, concession stands at stadiums, theaters, zoos, and more.

“We are fortunate to have found success in many different channels so far, so when the opportunity arose to open at Met Park, we knew this was the next big step for Peruvian Brothers,” said Giuseppe Lanzone.

Customers can expect to find some of the fan favorites that originally put Peruvian Brothers on the map, like Chef Mario Lanzone’s famous Pan con Chicharrón, along with fresh, exciting dishes for the new concept at Met Park.

Giuseppe Lanzone added: “Being able to share the rich culture that we grew up with fuels our purpose every day, and we cannot wait to reach even more people with our new restaurant.”

Met Park continues to take shape

The latest retailers to join Met Park will become an increasingly important factor in the success of Amazon’s HQ2, both in business and the community.
Local businesses looking for more information about bringing their goods and services to the dedicated retail space within HQ2 can email Amazon’s Global Real Estate and Facilities team at