It’s no secret, Amazon loves dogs. Our pup-friendly culture started when one small Corgi named Rufus came to work with his parents in the early days of Amazon. Rufus quickly became a part of the crew, and legend has it, employees even used his paw to publish some of the first pages on As more dogs followed in Rufus’ paw-steps, we developed the Dogs at Work program, which is an employee benefit offered at eligible offices to support a safe and fun workplace for employees and their dogs. This unique program pulls out all the stops to make sure dogs have everything they need for a successful work day, including decked out dog parks, unlimited treats from the reception desk, and regular events where dogs and their owners can get to know their colleagues.
There are more than 10,000 dogs registered to come to work with employees at corporate offices across the U.S. and Australia, and I got to meet some of them on a recent trip to our Los Angeles offices. Here are some of the amazing pups I found roaming the halls of Amazon’s Culver City campus.


Named for the Gothic fiction novel, Wuthering Heights, Heathcliff is a man of the arts who plays an integral role making employees happy across Amazon’s entertainment teams. One his biggest responsibilities at the office is making sure employees keep the pantry stocked with plenty of dog treats to go around—many employees bring treats especially for Heathcliff. He loves playing fetch and hanging out with his best human friend Dani from Amazon Freevee’s AV production team.


Working from home certainly has its perks, but Murray LOVES coming into the office. He gets to see his favorite colleagues—both human and canine—and brighten everyone’s day. When he’s not working, Murray’s mom says her “exuberant” boy loves chowing down on Jack & Pup Bully Stick treats, playing fetch at the park, and snuggling in bed on weekend mornings.


The most important part of Peanut’s job at Amazon is making sure all visitors are welcomed with the most adorable puppy-dog eyes you will ever see. He loves greeting all the dogs and people at the office—especially his best friend Murray! Outside of his work as the unofficial greeter at the Amazon Studios office, Peanut loves playing chase with his friends and eating ice cream. Fun fact: Peanut rocks a sweet pair of pink doggy Crocs to keep his paws safe outside.


Described by his mom as a “giant goofball,” Theo is a big personality who livens up the work environment. He’s so popular that many people know him before they even meet his mom. His favorite treat is freeze-dried duck, and he’s currently taking applications for the role of his best friend at the office.


Ripley starts each workday with a greeting from her best friend Lisa at the Culver Studios gate. From there, she promptly reports for duty, doling out kisses to anyone who needs a little pick-me-up and keeping her mama company in their office. Ripley’s mom describes her as a total love bug whose favorite treat is anything with peanut butter. She is an amazingly good girl who stayed behind her green barrier the whole time I was there. She also served up the most adorable side eye I’ve ever seen.


Meeting new people and making new doggie friends are two of Nemo’s favorite activities around the office. When he’s not hard at work making Amazon a more adorable place to be, Nemo enjoys playing fetch with tennis balls and eating his favorite treats, which include just about anything edible. According to his mom, the word that best describes Nemo is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, which basically means he’s one fantastic doggo.


Want to win Birdie’s heart? Bring some salty snacks and her best friend Sammy, and you’re in. Birdie and Sammy love coming to work with their moms—who are also close colleagues—where they have a cool office filled with toys and nap tents. Birdie’s mom shared that her pup is an incredible listener who loves her mama, playing fetch, and convincing newcomers to give her scratches.


Sammy is Birdie’s partner in crime. He’s also a mama’s boy who loves coming to work so he can see his friends and snuggle in his mom’s lap while she works. Though he’s a picky eater at home, Sammy’s mom says he enjoys eating the leftovers from office lunches then heading to his pup tent for a nap. He’s a dog of many talents, and two of the superpowers he brings to the company include being an icebreaker on video calls and keeping his mom calm under pressure.


Every Amazon office needs a charismatic Corgi, and Mogu fits that role perfectly at the Amazon Studios office. He loves coming to work to see all his coworkers, and will gladly take any food they bring him—seriously, he loves food! Coming to the office keeps him entertained and happy; he loves sitting side by side with his mom.


All employees who walk by Percy’s corner of the office receive an open invitation to playtime. In addition to playing, Percy loves chewing loudly on his bone—his coworkers swear they don’t mind—and chasing birds on the beach. He’s an easy-going guy who is always down to join the team on a walk to lunch and make new friends along the way. Occasionally, he needs a break from his duties as the team mascot, and that’s when you’ll find him taking a quick snooze under his mom’s desk.


Shea is a friendly pup who loves everyone … well maybe not those pesky squirrels. According to her mom, squirrels are Shea’s nemesis, and she loves nothing more than chasing them around. All that chasing eventually leads to her second favorite thing, which is getting a good night’s sleep cuddling up on her mom’s head. When she’s not busy maintaining squirrel-free surroundings, Shea loves eating bacon and making new friends.
These are just some of the 10,000+ dogs registered to come to work at Amazon offices across the U.S. Meet more of the pups who help make Amazon a better place to work.