Although Earth Day just passed, here at Amazon we celebrated early when we brought students and teachers from the Washington Environmental and Adventure School to tour our Greenhouses in Woodinville, WA.
During their visit to our Greenhouse, the students got to see just some of the thousands of plants currently growing there. They experienced botanical diversity with carnivorous pitcher plants and the “mobile” Sensitive Plant, tasted a chocolate plant, and also helped build a living wall that will eventually be in installed in The Spheres. At the end of their visit, each student received their own Venus flytrap to nurture at home.
As these beautiful and unique plants move from The Greenhouse to the one-of-a-kind Spheres at the heart of Amazon’s Seattle Headquarters, we are excited for their stories to further unfold in front of Amazonians and visitors alike.
The video above showcases The Spheres, and their role within the greater Seattle community.
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