We recently heard from AJ, an avid cyclist who got into an accident and needed of help. In pain, alone, and unable to reach his wife on the phone, he quickly realized he could use his Alexa app to connect with her via Echo Show and call for help.

Read more from AJ, who told us he is now an "Alexa advocate for life," in his own words:

"I am an active, healthy male in my late 40s. A few days ago, I was riding my bicycle in an undeveloped, rural area and had an accident. Traveling at about 20 mph, something struck the front wheel, causing me to lose control. The bike then hopped a curb and crashed, throwing me over the handlebars.  

"As I lay on the ground, I knew I was badly injured, and I was not able to get up on my own. Fortunately, I had not blacked out, so I worked my phone out of its holder and called my wife, Tiffany. Alas, she did not answer. It had been a long-running joke that I would be in an accident and she wouldn't pick up the phone, but this wasn’t funny. I could feel that my shoulder was severely injured, I struggled against the pain to hold the phone. I was alone, miles from home, and on a road that didn't show up on GPS.

"Then it dawned on me. I've been a big advocate of Alexa-enabled devices—I have several Echo Dot and Echo Show devices throughout my house, so I opened my Alexa app on my phone and said, 'Alexa, drop in the Living Room.' I was connected to the Echo Show, and I called out for Tiffany, who was home and heard me. Given it was an Echo Show, she could physically see I was laying on the ground and needed help. I quickly told her what had happened, and she was able to come get me and take me to the Emergency Room.

A man, AJ, who is a biking enthusiast. He was injured in an accident on his bike and used Alexa to "drop in" on his wife to ask for help.

"Without this Alexa functionality, I may have been lying in the dirt for some time before being able to get to help, or I would have had to try to call an ambulance and guide them to me. Things could have been much worse all around. I suffered a separated shoulder and various other injuries. Thankfully, nothing was life-threatening, but that point was moot. Alexa was there when I needed it most."

We are happy to hear that AJ is okay and that Alexa could help. Learn more about Alexa features and the many ways Alexa can help you connect with your family and friends.

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