Since we first introduced Amazon Sidewalk, the always-on network that helps devices work better at home and in communities, the network has rapidly expanded across the U.S., offering secure, reliable, and low-bandwidth connectivity for millions of devices. From helping customers find lost items with Tile to controlling Level smart locks from anywhere in the world or improving the quality of life for people living with dementia via the Careband pilot program, Sidewalk is being used to support services that help devices and people stay connected. We’re also collaborating with organizations to help them address issues stemming from limited connectivity, including a pilot program with Arizona State University to further the school’s smart cities research.

New Sidewalk-enabled gas alarm designed to protect families and communities

Device makers continue to see the benefits of Sidewalk, including New Cosmos USA, Inc., which announced plans to launch the first Sidewalk-enabled natural gas alarm. Called DeNova Detect, this new device is designed to protect families and their homes from the potentially dangerous impacts of an undetected natural gas leak.

According to the Natural Fire Protection Association (NFPA), the ignition of natural gas leaks leads to an average of 4,200 home fires per year. As the first natural gas alarm to leverage Sidewalk’s enhanced connectivity, the DeNova Detect will provide customers with real-time information about potential gas leaks in their home and send alerts in the event of an emergency. With Sidewalk, New Cosmos USA, Inc. will be able to expand coverage for their gas alarms and eliminate network connectivity costs so they can continue delivering on their mission of building products that help keep people safe.

The potential to extend battery life, expand coverage, and provide customers with more installation flexibility also played a key role in New Cosmos USA, Inc.’s decision to leverage Sidewalk. Since natural gas is lighter than air and rises in a room when leaks occur, many natural gas alarms require several feet of power cord to install at the proper height. With Sidewalk’s low-power connectivity, New Cosmos USA, Inc. expects the DeNova Detect natural gas alarm to achieve an extended battery life of seven years, eliminating the need for electrical power so customers can choose the optimal installation location in their homes without needing to be close to a power outlet.

“We are constantly exploring new ways to deliver innovative products that help our customers live safe and healthy lives. Amazon Sidewalk’s secure and low-bandwidth connectivity will help us to unlock new customer benefits and design features by greatly expanding coverage and increasing battery life for our new DeNova Detect natural gas alarm,” said Ron Lazarus, chief operating officer of New Cosmos USA, Inc. “We’re excited about the new possibilities Sidewalk can help us deliver for the families and communities we strive to protect with our connected device portfolio.”

An image of Amazon Sidewalk-enabled natural gas alarm DeNova Detect.

Silicon Labs makes Sidewalk more accessible to developers

We believe device makers, like New Cosmos USA, Inc., play a vital role in keeping devices better connected with Sidewalk. To streamline the development process for manufacturers and developers, we’re excited to collaborate with Silicon Labs to develop the Silicon Labs Pro Kit for Amazon Sidewalk. Designed with all the hardware and software components needed to build Sidewalk-enabled devices, the Pro Kit will enable device makers to build new customer experiences powered by Sidewalk while also saving them time and resources bringing new products to market. Device makers are also taking advantage of other integration tools created by Silicon Labs to accelerate their Sidewalk developer journey. New Cosmos USA, Inc.’s DeNova Detect natural gas alarm is expected to be the first device built using the Silicon Labs Gecko SDK with support for Sidewalk.

New study finds that longer-lasting devices can contribute to significant carbon footprint reductions.

“We believe that streamlining the development process of Sidewalk-enabled devices will help scale the community benefits of the network by helping device makers bring new products to market more efficiently,” said Matt Johnson, CEO and president of Silicon Labs. “The Silicon Labs Pro Kit for Amazon Sidewalk has everything device makers need to jump-start their developer journey and deliver new customer experiences using the secure, reliable, and ubiquitous community network Amazon Sidewalk is building.”

Our long-term vision is for Sidewalk to deliver secure, low-cost, and flexible connectivity to billions of devices. The only way to bring this vision into reality is by working together on behalf of our shared customers. We’re excited to see more devices built with Sidewalk that improve lives, and we look forward to continuing our work with a diverse range of businesses and organizations to bring reliable, always-on connectivity to homes and public places.

Learn more about Amazon Sidewalk and its benefits for customers in their homes and community. Check out Silicon Labs’ blog to learn more about the Silicon Labs Pro Kit for Amazon Sidewalk.