Echo Show 15 is designed to be the digital heart of your home. You can view your household's shared calendar, manage shopping and to-do lists, or find recipe ideas with the Alexa widgets on its customizable homescreen. You can also use the device to view and control smart home devices, track packages, leave notes for family members, or call loved ones.

Even though Echo Show 15 already does so much, we saw that customers were using the device to watch videos and stay entertained—that’s why we’re excited to bring Fire TV to Echo Show 15. This new feature will enable you to stream your favorite content from YouTube, YouTube Kids, YouTube TV, and Disney+ right on your device. Your Echo Show 15 can already do so much, and we hope you’ll love using it to access over a million movies and TV episodes through Fire TV.

Introducing ‘Create with Alexa,’ a new feature that lets you craft and tell whimsical stories using your Echo Show, at bedtime or anytime.

Fire TV is rolling out to existing Echo Show 15 customers as a free software update, and will also be available on all new Echo Show 15 devices. Here are some more details about the latest feature we’ve added to Echo Show 15.

Start streaming in less than 15 minutes

If you already use Echo Show 15, get started by downloading the latest software update. If you’re setting up your device for the first time, you will install the Fire TV experience during setup. From there, add streaming apps like Netflix, Hulu, and Paramount+, and then log in to your subscription to begin streaming.

Once you’ve completed setup, you can access the Fire TV experience on Echo Show 15 by saying, “Alexa, open Fire TV,” or "Alexa, open Disney+,” or “Alexa, play The Rings of Power.” We hope accessing content with your voice will make it easy to watch your favorite series on Netflix as you prep dinner in the kitchen, or the news on Sling TV as you get settled in your office in the morning.

An image of four people interacting in a kitchen with an Echo Show 15 mounted to the wall in the background.

Echo Show 15 with Fire TV built-in is the perfect companion for cooking big holiday meals. If you’re planning to cook this holiday season, you know it can be a time-consuming endeavor. Why not enjoy the company of your favorite reality TV show—played right from your device—as you simmer the stock or feed the family sourdough starter? As Real Housewives alum Dorinda Medley said, “I can be cooking, layering my famous Blue Stone Manor lasagna, and get five other things done at the same time. Now that I can watch TV on the Echo Show 15 too, I might never leave the kitchen.”

Pair the Alexa Voice Remote (3rd Gen)

The Alexa Voice Remote (3rd Gen) is the best way to find, launch, and control content from Fire TV on your Echo Show 15. You can tap the home button on the remote to quickly access the Fire TV experience, click on the live TV button, or even go straight to your content with one of the app buttons on the bottom of the remote. For a limited time only, customers can purchase a remote and Echo Show 15 bundle for $194.99 ($84.99 off). If you prefer to use the experience without the Alexa Voice Remote (3rd Gen), we’ve developed a virtual remote for Fire TV on Echo Show 15. The virtual remote will appear on the screen so you can navigate and control video apps that aren’t touch-enabled. You can also use the remote in your smartphone's Amazon Fire TV app to navigate the Fire TV experience.

Other enhanced features for Echo Show 15

The smart home has been the stuff of imagination for centuries. But not to Marja Koopmans and her team at Amazon, who have already built one.

While we are always innovating and working to bring entirely new devices to our customers, we are also committed to improving previous-generation devices, adding new features that make the experience even more delightful. Fire TV on Echo Show 15 is far from the only recent example.

In September, we introduced Amazon’s custom-built spatial audio processing technology for Echo Studio, which is designed to enhance stereo sound by making it feel closer to the listener, with greater width, clarity, and presence. Now, we’re also bringing spatial audio processing technology to Echo Show 15 for improved sound. It mirrors the performance of a wide stereo system, creating a more immersive sound experience for the listener—perfect for listening to music or watching TV shows and movies.

As we commonly say at Amazon, it’s only Day 1, and we’ll continue building new experiences, but we’re excited to bring Fire TV to your Echo Show 15. It’s another step forward in how we view entertainment in the ambient home.