We’re humbled by how people are using Amazon devices like Echo and Ring—and services like Alexa—to stay connected, entertained, and spread cheer this holiday season. Below are just some of the stories that brightened our day.

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Staying connected with family

Staying connected with family

Michael and his family live far away from his elderly parents and use Ring to check in on them and say hello each day. Michael says, "As you can hear... it’s fair to say that has made his day."

Making home more festive

Keeping gifts a surprise

... And discovering surprises

Keeping gifts a surprise

Cory's wife couldn’t lift the Christmas gift they bought for their children. So instead, she covered it in a blanket. But curiosity got the best of the kids, and they removed the blanket, only to react with what Cory said was "pure excitement and joy."

Discovering holiday surprises

Will and his fiancée are both nurses. When they get home from work, he says they're often "tired and mentally worn down." On this night, Will decided to bring his future wife a little laugh by dressing up as an inflatable gingerbread man in their front yard. 

Enjoying holiday music

Receiving messages from Santa