Baby Safety Month begins September 1. In honor of the month, Amazon is making it easier for customers to choose the right car seat and keep their little ones safe. Customers shopping for car seats on Amazon can now click directly to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)’s interactive tool that helps customers choose a car seat based on their child’s height, weight, and age. This tool is part of NHTSA’s “Right Car Seat” campaign and is now available on Amazon car seat search and detail pages.

“Amazon is committed to the safety of all our customers and choosing the right car seat is one of the many important decisions caregivers must make,” said Carletta Ooton, Amazon’s vice president of product assurance, risk & security. “NHTSA’s Right Car Seat Campaign is the gold standard when it comes to car seat guidance and we hope this tool will help families choose and use the right car seat for their little ones every time.”

“A properly installed, age-and-size appropriate car seat is one of the best tools we have to protect children in the event of a crash,” said Steven Cliff, NHTSA acting administrator. “We appreciate retailers making NHTSA’s lifesaving safety information and resources available on its product pages so people shopping for car seats can choose the one that’s best for their child.”