In 2020, we announced that we are planning to bring 25,000 jobs to Bellevue as part of the expansion of our Puget Sound headquarters. To accommodate our planned job creation, we’ve been securing office space in Bellevue and have begun construction of the first office tower at 600 108th Avenue NE. Today, we submitted our proposed design for the second tower at Bellevue 600, a downtown location that will become the central hub for our Eastside presence.
The Bellevue 600 site spans 3.5 acres and will stretch from 110th Avenue NE to 108th Avenue NE. The site will feature two sustainable office buildings with a total capacity for more than 7,000 Amazon employees. The second tower of the project will include 31 stories of mixed-use office space, meeting rooms, and informal gathering areas so our growing teams in Bellevue can continue to innovate on behalf of our customers.
“Amazon’s continued commitment to Bellevue and partnership in working with local leaders is an example of the kind of benefits we see when the public and private sectors come together for the benefit of the community,” said Bellevue Mayor Lynne Robinson. “We look forward to Amazon’s ongoing investment in our community with their effort to bring 25,000 jobs to the Eastside.”
Our proposed design prioritizes community, sustainability, and connectivity.
We want to contribute to the creation of a thriving downtown where people live, work, and visit—not just drive through. Both phases of Amazon’s project align with the City of Bellevue’s Grand Connection initiative by reviving the pedestrian connector and providing new public amenities.
Our second tower will feature an 8,000-square-foot retail and exhibition space on the ground floor. The space will provide public access to new art installations and a locally operated coffee bar.
A rendering of the future Bellevue 600 site shows a woman wearing a floral bicycle and her bicycle. Behind her, people enjoy an open-air patio. Phase 2 of the Bellevue 600 site will include more than 14,000 square-feet of retail space for the community and employees to enjoy. Download hi-res.
We will also build an ADA-accessible, 16-foot-wide park-like walking path, centrally located in a new outdoor plaza and garden between our two buildings. Filled with more than 40 varieties of native plant species, the new green space will become a main thoroughfare for commuters and visitors.
The second tower will include more than 14,000 square feet of street-level retail space and a new daycare center, all available to the community.
Architectural renderings of Amazon's new Bellevue 600 site. A woman helps her daughter into a jacket, while her son stands nearby. People wander in and out of the building entrances. Amazon’s new Bellevue 600 site will include more than 28,000 square-feet of ground level retail and two daycare centers. Download hi-res.
Sustainability is important to Amazon. We are pursuing LEED Gold and Salmon Safe certifications for both phases of Bellevue 600.
We have worked closely with the city and local agencies to ensure the project uses low-maintenance native landscaping and appropriate construction materials. The efforts help keep the Pacific Northwest’s salmon and orca populations healthy.
The Amazon buildings will be fully electric—without any natural gas or fossil fuel utility services—and will use graywater capture to reduce water use.
The Bellevue 600 site will also provide employees and visitors with more commute options, thanks to direct access to the adjacent Bellevue Transit Center and Link light rail station.
We will construct a new elevated bike path on 108th Avenue NE, along with nearly 1,000 on-site bike storage stalls. More than 1,700 underground parking spaces will provide options for people without access to public transit.
The Grand Connection initiative, which is the city’s vision for a 1.5-mile east-west pathway focused on pedestrians, along with new walkways will make it easy for pedestrians to access downtown Bellevue from the new light rail station.
We are committed to being good neighbors and supporting the Bellevue community. We recently announced a $2 billion Housing Equity Fund to create and preserve housing for moderate- to low-income families.
The first investment consisted of $185.5 million in below-market loans and grants to King County Housing Authority to preserve up to 1,000 affordable homes in the Eastside, including units in Pinewood Village, Hampton Greens, and the Illahee Apartments.
We continue to support various charitable organizations across the region, including the Bellevue LifeSpring, KidsQuest Children’s Museum, LifeWire and the City of Bellevue’s Human Services Fund.
We’re excited to continue working with policymakers, local organizations, and the community as Amazon continues to invest in Bellevue.