To say that Sophia Strother is passionate about empowering others is an understatement. Outside of her day job as owner of L2E Industries (L2EI)—an Amazon Delivery Service Partner (DSP) near Austin, Texas—Strother works tirelessly to advocate for victims of domestic violence and communities of color. But her own story of empowerment didn’t come easily.

From a difficult past, to a bright present, and a successful future

A child of the crack epidemic of the 1980s and 1990s, a survivor of assault and domestic abuse, and a victim of human trafficking, Strother has experienced an unimaginable past of adversity. That is where this story may have ended if it weren’t for her perseverance and commitment to finding her own voice—inspired by her grandmother, who told her, “You’re not the first, and you won’t be the last. As long as you keep trying, I got you.”
Determined to overcome her past, Strother began a consulting business at the age of 21 and pursued "success"” throughout her 20s. But for Sophia, "success" was elusive, and her life's path still wasn't clear. It wasn't until she began her personal healing process, spurred by her grandmother's words, that she found the confidence to attend college, pursue a master’s degree, and ultimately, take the next step as an advocate, author, and entrepreneur.
Owning her identity has been life-changing for Strother. It has taught her to stay the course to overcome personal struggles and find success as an entrepreneur who operates her own delivery business and partners with Amazon.
Group photo of Amazon Delivery Service Partner, Sophia Strother owner of L2E Industries with her employees.

Sophia Strother

Owner of L2E Industries (L2EI)

Establishing a legacy for future generations

Launched in 2018, Amazon's DSP program empowers entrepreneurs like Strother to build their own delivery companies, and is part of Amazon’s long-standing commitment to support small businesses.
As an Amazon DSP, L2EI is part of the company's global network of more than 2,500 locally owned small business partners, who employ thousands of drivers and deliver for Amazon customers every day.
It is this shared commitment to growth and empowerment that attracted Strother to become an Amazon DSP. Even though Strother encountered challenges while building her business, she also learned that success comes from staying the course, taking ownership, and establishing trust with her team. Today, L2EI employs Strother’s daughter, aunt, and two brothers, all working together to establish a legacy that will allow future generations of their family to take the helm of L2EI one day.
Strother’s role as a successful entrepreneur drove her to become an advocate and author, working to help women and survivors overcome adversity and own their futures. And she hasn’t stopped there. Recently, Strother established Meraki Medical Associates LLP, a new health facility designed to create vaccine access and education for communities of color in East Waco, Texas. Reflecting on her many ventures, Strother stated, “It's important to always put something of yourself into what you're doing, whatever it may be.”
Just as Strother’s grandmother helped her believe she could shape her own path, Strother believes that every person deserves to be recognized for their individual value. By sharing her story of overcoming adversity and achieving personal and professional success, she hopes to serve as an inspiration for others, especially Black women and survivors.
“I have become so much more than my past self could ever imagine, and I’m determined to be successful in this venture, as I’m the true author of my future,” said Strother.
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