Diana Enriquez was at work when she realized an opportunity to help people in need. Enriquez, a workplace health and safety program manager in Phoenix, Arizona, was transferring items to prepare them for waste disposal when she had an idea.
Enriquez began at Amazon as a temporary associate more than 12 years ago and used her experience in her past roles—including one as an inventory support service representative—to create a donations program in 2017. The program donates usable but unsellable products, to nonprofit organizations and schools.

What types of products are donated?

An example of a donation could be a six-pack of items in which one was damaged but the others are in perfect, usable condition. Because the items are sold as a multipack, they would be inventoried as a single multipack and wouldn't be able to be sold as individual items.

The impact of Enriquez’s work is far-reaching. She visited a local high school that accepts donations. The school has expanded upon the donation program and gotten students in its special education program involved. Once products are received, students prepare the products for distribution and set up a "storefront," so families can shop for the items they need. Through the program, these students receive job skills to prepare them for life after high school.
“There’s always someone out there who cares,” said Enriquez.
The donation program is now active at more than 400 Amazon locations (fulfillment centers, distribution centers, and shipping centers) in North America and serves over 1,800 nonprofits, with a global footprint to be realized this year.
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