At Amazon, we’re always thinking about how we can empower our employees to succeed and thrive. It’s why we pay our hourly employees in the U.S. an average starting wage of more than $18 per hour and provide education, skills training, and opportunities for career growth. This principled commitment to our employees drives everything that we do as an organization.

We know that for some of our employees in the U.S., one of the most important things we can offer is flexibility in how they approach their work schedules—the opportunity to balance a well-paying job with other personal commitments. It’s why we’re proud to announce today the expansion of our faster Same-Day Delivery services in three additional metro areas: Miami, Minneapolis, and Atlanta, plus even more neighborhoods within Chicago, which has led to hundreds of new jobs that feature flexible working schedules.

These roles are unique in that they offer well-paying part-time and full-time jobs that also grant employees and drivers the option to choose their own work schedules. Faster Same-Day Delivery jobs operate out of mini-fulfillment centers that are located closer to the neighborhoods where many current and potential employees already live. Through this investment, we’ve built new fulfillment centers in each community, creating hundreds of in-demand roles in the process.

Teresa N., an operations employee at an Amazon fulfillment center in Phoenix, is one of hundreds of employees working in a faster Same-Day Delivery fulfillment center who chooses her own schedule based on how much she wants to—and can—work.

“I love the flexible schedule because it is super-convenient for me,” Teresa said. “I am able to work around my husband’s schedule and be around to care for my small child.”

Olubunmi, an Amazon Flex Delivery Partner with a faster Same-Day Delivery building in Baltimore said, “I’ve been with Amazon Flex for nearly four years. I love the flexibility of the job, but the people are what keep me here. It’s been fun to form friendships with the people in my station and other Amazon Flex Delivery Partners out on the road. We all feel a sense of camaraderie.”

Faster Same-Day Delivery gives Amazon customers the option to order certain items for rapid delivery—from click to doorstep in as fast as five hours. Since we launched the service more than a year ago, Prime members in more than a dozen cities are able to order from the widest selection available of up to 3 million items across a dozen categories, including Baby, Beauty & Health, Kitchen & Dining, Electronics, Pet Supplies, and more. These fast delivery speeds are also environmentally sustainable because products are located closer to customers—drastically reducing the logistical delivery process. The evolution of our Same-Day Delivery program is driven by our partnership with local communities and made possible by the people who live there.

An image of the time grid for Amazon Prime Same-Day Delivery. The top row sorts the data into two columns: the time you order between and when you get it. If you order between midnight and 5 am, you will get it the same day from 7am to 11am. If you order between 5 am and 10 am, you will get it the same day between 10 am and 3pm. If you order between 1pm and 5pm, you will get it the same day between 5pm and 10pm. If you order between 5pm and 9:30pm,  you will get it overnight and receive it the next morning between 4am and 8am. If you order between 9:30pm and midnight, you will get it overnight between 7am and 11am.

At Amazon, we take our responsibility as an employer seriously. We recognize that not all employees need or want a full-time job—some may be looking for part-time work or a flex schedule. We welcome all of these schedule needs at Amazon and we’re proud that we continue to find ways to offer it at scale in facilities across the U.S.

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