Normally, we tell the stories here. But we decided to stand aside to share 11-year-old Grace Eline’s words of appreciation for one particular employee at the Amazon fulfillment center in Robbinsville Township, New Jersey: her grandfather, Dan Reichard. He and more than one million other Amazon employees work each day to make our customers’ lives a little easier.

Dear Grandpa,

I wonder if you know how amazing you are. When I was in treatment for brain cancer, you were always there for me. Just like you’re always there now in your job at Amazon, for people who can’t leave their homes because of COVID-19.

When I was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2018, we were all really scared. But you helped me always see the bright side of things. Just like you’re doing at your job at Amazon. A lot of people aren’t leaving their homes to go to the store because of the pandemic. You’re one of the helpers working at the Amazon fulfillment center, making sure people get the things they need. When I was going through chemotherapy, I couldn’t leave the house either because my immune system was so weak.

Amazon was so important to me when I was sick. We could order things and get them the next day, with no contact and exposure. It was craft and painting stuff to pass the time during treatment or stuff we needed at home to keep me comfortable. For one of my really important appointments when I had to get anesthesia, I ordered a baby size hospital gown for my favorite stuffy so we could match. No wonder you said our house looked like an Amazon fulfillment center!

You’d pick up groceries and prescriptions at the store for us so we didn’t have to risk exposure. If I was well enough, you would go outside with me to play on the playground, or even ride bikes. You were also there for me for some of my rounds of treatment at the hospital. You would keep me laughing and distract me, and you would stay by my bed so mom and dad could meet with the doctors.

Now, during COVID-19, the whole world is experiencing quarantine. Everybody needs stuff, without getting exposed and without leaving the house. They are experiencing what we experienced. Amazon is so important to everybody right now.

That’s why your job at Amazon is so inspiring to me. It makes me so happy that you’re helping lots of people that really need Amazon, especially the people that can’t leave their houses. You’re making an impact on millions of families like ours.

Remember when I was painting a picture of clouds and my hair was falling out onto the canvas? I got pretty upset. But then you told me I should draw a silver lining around those clouds. I didn’t know what that meant at the time, but when you explained it, it helped a lot and it made me feel better. You are my silver lining, Grandpa. And now you’re other people’s silver lining too, and that’s great!



Amazon employee and his grand daughter as she battles with cancer
11-year-old Grace Eline with her grandfather, Dan Reichard.
Amazon employee and his grand daughter as she battles with cancer
In 2018, Grace Eline was diagnosed with germinoma, a rare form of brain cancer.
Amazon employee and his grand daughter as she battles with cancer
"I'm going to work for Grace," said Dan Reichard, who initially joined Amazon to earn extra income to support his young granddaughter as she underwent cancer treatment. With COVID-19, his mission has broadened: "I'm going to work for families out there that need the products that we're shipping. Our own family relies upon it. And I know other families are relying upon it."
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