Update May 21: This article has been edited to include an update on Washington state leadership touring a vaccination event. Jump to the update.
Our ongoing commitment to the health and safety of our employees throughout the COVID-19 pandemic has been our top priority. In partnership with government and public health officials, we are rapidly expanding our on-site COVID-19 vaccination program for Amazon frontline employees across the U.S.
In late March, we began rolling out on-site vaccination events at fulfillment centers in Missouri, Nevada, and Kansas. We've now expanded on-site vaccination events administered by licensed health care providers to more than 250 locations across the U.S. and Canada, offering more than half a million frontline employees, contractors, and partners access to COVID-19 vaccines.
According to post-vaccination surveys, many employees appreciate the convenience of the Amazon on-site vaccination events and likely would not have received the vaccine if they hadn't had the opportunity to do so at work. Our on-site program makes vaccines more accessible by eliminating barriers and making vaccinations as convenient as possible. Because some Amazon employees may not have access to an Amazon-hosted vaccination event, all current U.S. hourly, non-exempt employees receive an $80 benefit for getting vaccinated, whether on- or off-site. And for new hires who show proof of their COVID-19 vaccination, Amazon is now offering a $100 benefit.
In some locations, we've partnered with local authorities to open our vaccination program to employees' household members to ensure employees are safe from COVID-19 in the workplace and at home. We'll continue to expand our on-site vaccination program to more Amazon frontline employees. It is important not only for the health and safety of Amazon employees, but for the communities where our teams live and work.

On May 21, members of the Governor’s VACCS Command Center, Washington State Legislature, and State Department of Health joined Amazon’s Chief Medical Officer Vin Gupta and State Public Policy Lead Charles Knutson for a tour of the BFI4 employee vaccination event and fulfillment center in Kent, Washington. Many of the employees at the vaccination event were receiving their second shot, and the VIP group was able to observe Amazon’s efficient and innovative methods for making the process fast, fun, and convenient