Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the health and safety of our employees, partners, and customers has been our top priority. We built a COVID-19 testing program from scratch when the pandemic began, to ensure front-line employees had access to free, regular testing—something that wasn’t available in most of their communities. We continue to expand the voluntary testing program, and we’ve already processed millions of tests across more than 800 sites globally.
Now, we’re using what we learned from the on-site testing program to bring COVID-19 vaccines to our front-line employees.
Over the coming weeks, in partnership with local government and public health officials, we are beginning to host on-site vaccination events administered by licensed health care providers at an initial set of Amazon operations buildings in the United States. We’re starting at some fulfillment centers in Missouri, Nevada, and Kansas, but will expand the program across the country as more vaccines become available to front-line employees in other states.
This is an important initiative not only for the health and safety of Amazon employees, but for the communities where our teams live and work. Our events will protect Amazon employees while also helping ease the burden on community-run vaccination clinics.
Amazon is working hard to access COVID-19 vaccine supplies for all of our employees at the earliest appropriate time. And because not every employee will have access to on-site clinics right away, we are offering up to $80 to front-line employees who get vaccinated off-site. This benefit is on top of the $2.5 billion we invested in special bonuses and incentives for our teams worldwide over the last year, and the $11.5 billion we invested in COVID-19-related measures overall.
Employees working in Amazon fulfillment centers, AWS data centers, and Whole Foods Market stores in the U.S. have been helping customers stay safe and receive vital products and services at home. The services are especially critical for people with underlying medical conditions and those susceptible to complications from COVID-19. We are proud our employees have helped customers stay safe, and we’ll continue investing in processes and changes to protect our employees and communities around the world. Read more on Amazon’s COVID-19 vaccination and testing blog.