Innovating on behalf of customers has been at the heart of Amazon since Day 1. We work on real customer problems that have a tangible impact on our world. We wake up in the morning thinking about how we can improve our customers' experiences, and you see that in the innovations we've introduced over the last 20 years—from the solutions and tools offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) to devices embedded with Alexa voice service technology, and everything in-between.
This week, hosted by Rohit Prasad, Amazon vice president and head scientist of Alexa, and Brian Huseman, vice president of public policy, we welcomed policymakers and their staff at an open house event on Capitol Hill for a hands-on experience with new technology built with artificial intelligence (AI) engineered to improve the customer experience.
Sometimes people hear “AI” or “artificial intelligence” and feel intimidated. We hosted the open house event to help familiarize and inform policymakers so they could learn up close about the invention that goes on within Amazon and see how we use AI to better the lives of customers. Alexa technology is a great example of that.
At Amazon, advanced technology is at the center of everything we do. We always start from the customer and work backwards, and that’s the approach we’ve taken when it comes to building customer-focused AI technology. According to research by Morning Consult, more than 50% of adults (18-44 yrs) said that voice service technology makes their life more efficient. Whether that’s asking Alexa about the weather as you get ready in the morning or ask her to turns the lights on when your hands are full, we’ve challenged ourselves to find ways to use technology to benefit customers and society. We’re not developing technology for the sake of new technology—every invention is intended to improve the customer experience and people’s lives.
We have been working with applied AI for decades, but we are only in the beginning stages of understanding the true potential of AI, and how it can improve our lives and help solve big problems we face every day. We are finding a future together with our customers—including consumers, sellers, developers, authors, content creators, and artists—learning where and how to deploy AI to create the greatest positive impact. We are committed to continuing to invent for customers and build for a better tomorrow.