Convenience has often been a lens we use to choose where we reside. Convenience to get what we want, when we want it, is a benefit of residing in big cities and towns. What if we were able to get whatever we need, and get a chance to stay where we want, to pursue our true passion?
Hideo Akibe—also known as Debo—is a member of the Ainu community was born and raised in the remote Akan National Park region of Hokkaido, Japan. As a proud member of the Ainu community, Debo tries to keep his culture alive and share it with the world. In fact, during the closing ceremony of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, he performed an ancient Ainu dance through a video, mesmerizing the world with his grace and aura.
Debo sits in his home with his tools nearby.
The lifestyle of the Ainu community is dependent on the richness of nature. They worship various plants and animals they refer to as “Kamui” (gods) who give them blessings of nature and preserve their traditional rituals. Inheriting these traditions, Debo continues to promote the Ainu culture and pass it on to the next generation through woodcarving, lectures, and tourism.
"One of the traditional tools of the Ainu people, who specialize in woodcarving, is the ikupasuy. The tool is used in rituals for drinking, and the Ainu use the ikupasuy to speak to the Kamui of the natural world. The tool is carved from hard, sticky wood such as oak and finished by applying vermilion, yellow, or black lacquer," said Debo. In the past, Debo drove to a home improvement store in Kushio City, about 50 miles (80 kilometers) away, to get lacquer.
Debo holds a ikupasuy in his hands.
“I was wondering what I was going to do when I couldn't obtain the lacquer anymore, and Amazon solved my problem,” Debo said.” It's so convenient that they can deliver to places so far away from the city. Thanks to them, I can make beautiful Ikupasuy and use them for my rituals.”
Amazon has more than 20 fulfillment centers and close to 30 delivery stations in Japan to ensure the reliable delivery of products to remote areas all over the country.
Debo receives Amazon package
"Our focus at Amazon is to ensure that customers, no matter where they reside, are able to get what they need. It has been humbling to see customers like Debo-san rely on us to pursue their passion and keep their culture and traditions alive,” said Awanish Narain Singh, director of Amazon Logistics in Japan. “Our customers truly inspire us to continue innovating and offering a reliable, safe, and trusted delivery experience across Japan.”