Customers around the world rely on delivery drivers to ensure their Amazon packages are safely delivered. Many of these drivers work for small businesses that partner with Amazon to create new jobs and opportunities, and every now and then, drivers face the unexpected along their routes: potentially life-saving decisions that make them heroes.
Read about how three delivery drivers went beyond the call of duty by running into a house fire, performing CPR on a stranger, and rescuing an infant on the side of a road.


Amazon Delivery Service Provider (DSP) in their work vehicle, wearing an Amazon vest
Daniela Petersen of Arrived Logistics—an Amazon Delivery Service Partner (DSP)—had just started her shift and set out to make her first delivery. As she turned onto a street after leaving Amazon’s American Fork delivery station in Utah, she saw a woman frantically waving her arms. Petersen stopped, and the woman asked if she knew CPR.
Without hesitation, Petersen said yes.
After two minutes of performing CPR on a woman—in a moment Petersen said she could only describe as “divine intervention”—she watched the woman take a huge breath. Family members standing nearby broke into tears.
EMTs arrived to assist the woman shortly after Petersen’s heroic help.
Petersen returned to her delivery vehicle and took a moment to compose herself. “I parked, called my husband, and I just started bawling. I was so grateful I knew what to do and could help someone in need,” she said.


Amazon Delivery Service Provider (DSP) in their work vehicle, wearing an Amazon vest
Screams drew Sean Campbell’s attention to a house fire while he was on his Orlando delivery route. Campbell, a delivery associate with On Time Prime, saw a visibly shaken elderly woman outside the home. Campbell stopped, and the woman told him she’d escaped—but her husband was still inside.
Campbell sprinted into the burning home and found an elderly man struggling to escape. Campbell quickly helped the man exit the home safely.
“When I was informed there was another individual inside, it was just instinct to run inside and help whomever was in danger to the best of my ability,” said Campbell.

Juan Carlos

Amazon Delivery Service Provider (DSP) in their work vehicle, wearing an Amazon vest
Juan Carlos Flores, a delivery associate with Pick-n-Roll Shipping in Houston, was driving along his delivery route when he saw something he could hardly believe: a 5-month-old infant, strapped into a car seat, abandoned on the side of the road.
“When I got close to the baby, I wanted to cry,” Flores said.
A father himself, Flores quickly pulled over to help the baby, who seemed to be healthy. He carried the child to the nearest home so police could be contacted. He then saw police searching for the infant and led officers to the home where he’d taken the baby. Flores stayed there until the baby’s mother arrived.
Police told ABC News that the mother’s vehicle had been carjacked with the infant inside. Investigators later said home surveillance video showed the infant being left on the side of the road by the carjacker.
Local police and the child’s family are grateful Flores was in the right place at the right time—and that he jumped into action so quickly. Flores said the rescue was "the best thing that's happened to me in my job."
These are just a few of the stories of drivers being everyday heroes in the communities they serve, and all of us at Amazon want to recognize and thank them for going above and beyond to help those in need.
Thank you, Amazon delivery heroes.
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