What an amazing Peak. We shipped out more packages to customers this holiday shopping season than we ever have before – more than 1 billion items shipped worldwide with Prime and Fulfillment by Amazon!

We were able to do it because of the 200,000-plus workforce working diligently to serve customers. The hard work was accomplished by a mix of veteran associates who prepared all year for Peak, newly hired seasonal associates who played a critical role in helping us meet increased customer demand, the managers who dedicated extra hours to ensure teams got the support they needed, and the HR teams who organized fun and creative entertainment while providing associates with one-on-one attention.

This truly was a massive team effort, and the results speak for themselves. Almost every fulfillment center, sortation center, or specialty site showed year-over-year improvement. Some broke network records. And some even broke multiple records in a span of days! For example, a Phoenix fulfillment team broke three records within a 24-hour period. Associates at the brand-new fulfillment center in San Marcos shipped out more than 1 million packages in a single day – a monumental feat considering they launched operations only 113 days before. Other fulfillment teams that shipped out over 1 million units within 24 hours during Peak were in Kent, Washington as well as two Polish fulfillment centers in Poznan and Wroclaw (also their first). Quite the accomplishment!

And the list of accomplishments goes on. Some records were not quite so grand in scope, but they are equally important. Associates and managers focused on creating a safe work environment, realizing productivity goals, and cheering on others as they found new and improved ways to better serve customers. I am proud of the fulfillment teams for this historic Peak – for their ability to pioneer.

Great job and thank you!