Amazon is proud of our ability to create great jobs with great benefits for all employees.

  • We offer up to 20 weeks of fully paid leave for birthing parents, including four weeks before the baby is born.
  • We offer up to six weeks of fully paid leave to supporting parents and adoptive parents.
  • Our Leave Share program allows employees to give six weeks of paid parental leave to a spouse or partner whose jobs don't provide paid leave.
  • With flexible scheduling and part-time options, our Ramp Back program helps employees through the challenge of coming back to work after a new baby.
  • Employees are eligible if they have one year of continuous service and are regularly scheduled to work at least 30 hours per week before their child arrives.

Our parental leave benefits are a part of our broader benefits package that we provide hourly employees to improve health and well-being. These benefits include health, vision, and dental insurance, a 401(k) with 50% company match, Amazon’s Career Choice program, and more.

In addition to our benefits, hourly employees earn an average starting wage of $18 an hour across the U.S. To learn more about the real-life impact of our starting wage, read Mary Kate’s story.

A woman sits with a baby surrounded by toys, while a man looks on.
"There's some companies that only give you a few days or a few weeks, and I don't think that's fair," said Julie, an hourly Amazon employee and new mom. "Mothers should have more time off to bond with their kid." Watch more about Julie and other Amazon families in the video above.
A man, woman, and child all look at an infant in a baby carrier.
Victoria, an Amazon employee, started her paid leave during the weeks prior to delivery when her doctor ordered bed rest. "The doctor says that the reason she stayed to term—because she was born on her due date—was because I had that four weeks of doing nothing. It was the best thing for both of us." Watch more about Victoria and other Amazon families in the video above.
A woman sits on a couch and holds a baby.
"He's only gonna be really little once," said Elizabeth, an Amazon hourly employee whose paid leave allowed her to take her son, Peyton, to visit his grandparents early in his young life. "So spending that extra time with him just meant so much to me." Watch more about Elizabeth and other Amazon families in the video above.
A woman holds a baby while a child plays nearby.
Brisa and her partner, Victor, both work at Amazon and both got paid leave when Belle joined their family. The six weeks for Victor, as a supporting parent, and 20 weeks for Brisa herself were "very comforting because I hit harsh times," she said. " I'm very grateful that Victor was there." Watch more about Brisa and other Amazon families in the video above.
A man holds a baby while sitting with a child on a couch.
"I had six weeks paid leave, and that allowed me to just hop in and help wherever I could," said Victor. "The extra time, it helped me find that patience and find that overall rhythm to help each other out and just parent." Watch more about Victor and other Amazon families in the video above.