Happy New Year from your future neighbors at Amazon. The announcement of our new headquarters in Long Island City was the beginning of what we hope will be a long and mutually beneficial partnership between New Yorkers and Amazon.

We wanted to make sure you knew some of the details of the investment we are planning in Long Island City and for its residents:

25,000 new jobs over 10 years. We’ll hire people with all different levels of education, including New Yorkers from across the five boroughs, for jobs in software engineering, product management, program management, operations, sales, and marketing.

Career training for local residents. We’ll create programs focused on technology and relevant training that will help New Yorkers be better equipped for Amazon and other potential employment opportunities — with a focus on underrepresented residents (including internships and work-based learning opportunities).

Tens of thousands of indirect jobs in construction, building services, and hospitality. We’re committed to hiring people who live here for jobs that range from construction to food service to human resources to retail.

Over $27 billion in state and local tax revenue. These new tax revenues can be used to help the neighborhood, improve subways and buses, and build more affordable housing. The way our agreement with New York works, Amazon is eligible for financial incentives only after we make these significant investments and create the jobs mentioned above.

Supporting education. Amazon always wants to partner with communities to improve people’s lives and futures. In Long Island City, we will donate real estate for a brand-new public school for 600 students. We will extend Amazon Future Engineer, a comprehensive childhood-to-career program, to NYC to inspire, educate, and empower underrepresented minority youth to build careers in science, technology, engineering, math, and computer science.

Helping small businesses thrive. More than half of the items sold in the Amazon store are from small and medium-sized businesses, and Amazon Web Services is helping hundreds of thousands of startups launch and scale their businesses quickly and with minimal cost. In addition, the 25,000 new Amazon employees working in Long Island City will frequent local restaurants, pharmacies, clothing stores and other small businesses, helping them grow and hire.

As we move forward, we pledge to be your partner, and to listen, learn, and work together. As Long Island City thrives, so will our employees, customers, and our partnership with New York.

Happy New Year from all of us to all of you.