As the holiday season approaches and we begin reflecting on the past year, Amazon is taking a moment to celebrate the readers and extraordinary books that defined 2019. Whether you’re looking to discover books for everyone on your list or simply browsing for yourself, Amazon Charts’ This Year in Books is your guide to the most sold, most read, and most loved books of 2019. And what a year for reading it was! From inspiring memoirs to a wide array of fictional adventures; customers purchased, borrowed, listened to, and read more books than they did last year.

Key trends from This Year in Books 2019

Top 5 Most Sold Books of 2019

Both debut novels and modern classics seized top spots among this year’s blockbusters based on sales of all formats across,, and Amazon Books stores. These are 2019’s Most Sold books:

Top 5 Most Read Books of 2019

Readers kept their eyes and ears glued to these top reads, which include both gasp-worthy thrillers and thoughtful advice. These are 2019’s Most Read books:

Top 5 All Ears

One of life’s many pleasures is having someone read to you. Readers tuned into these five titles more on Audible this year compared to the Kindle edition:

Top 5 Unputdownable

If you’re hooked on a book, life can wait. Here are the Kindle and Audible books readers blazed through faster than similar ones in 2019:

Top 5 Most Anticipated

Oh, the joy of having a book appear in your life on publication day! These are the books that customers preordered the most:
Amazon Charts is a reimagined weekly bestseller list that highlights the Top 20 Most Sold & Most Read books across all formats. When exploring Amazon Charts, readers can browse fun data stories for unique insights about the books on the list. From which Kindle titles were the most "Highly Quotable," according to the rate customers highlight passages in the book, to which were simply "Unputdownable," according to how quickly customers read a book from cover to cover.
Amazon Charts include data across all reading formats—whether books are bought or borrowed, listened to or read—to accurately reflect how readers are really reading and buying books today. Here’s a bit more about the methodology behind This Year in Books 2019:
Amazon Charts data reported on 2019 This Year in Books spans activity from 1/1/2019 – 11/15/2019.